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Can someone break down why thc oil cartridges is stronger than flower

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by hotrez79, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. So I just started vaping recently but not really too educated on why the oil is stronger than the flower. Can someone break down why the oil is stronger and why is it more healthier? Is the oil also stronger than the sour diesel flower? I use a vape pen to smoke the oil cartridges
  2. In simple terms it's concentrated CBD/THC/what have you. Flower has a lot of extra matter in it that doesn't do much, so by volume oil is way stronger
  3. It's not. In order for an herb to be the medicine it is, 100% of the plant should be combusted or vaporized. Secreting THC from source, extracted ratios change the intensity, but not the duration or actual high.

  4. Okay cause the first oil cartridge I bought was og kush 3 weeks ago which was 65% thc oil. I just recently bought gorilla glue which is 80% level. My friend is trying to convince me that his sour diesel flower that he smokes everyday is stronger than the oil. I don't know much about the oil cause I just started vaping so I can't really educate him on it.
    Can you also explain what you meant by "Flower has a lot of extra matter in it that doesn't do much so by volume oil is way stronger"
  5. Bud generally has between 11-19% THC. Your oil has way higher THC content.
  6. For oil the THC is extracted from the bud itself.
  7. This is similar to why dabs or wax is stronger than bud itself also
  8. The part of the plant that effects you (thc/cbd/cbg/all the other fun stuff) is located on the top of little hair like stalks and collects as heads(little balls). The hairs grow on the leafs/calyx/even stems, it's not in the plant matter.

    The oil you are smoking has gone through a process to strip all the heads off and collect them in a concentrated form.

    Flowers you smoke contain a majority plant matter.

    Your oil is more potent than his flowers.

    P.S. This is a simplified explanation, not trying to debate in inner medicinal properties of cannabis. The plant matter itself has been studied to contain properties that could be beneficial but cannabis research is far behind where it needs to be.
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  9. Really simple and well-explained!
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  10. Nah people just need to take earth science back in 6th grade. I refuse to educate unwilling minds. Open your own eyes.
  11. It's all different for people.

    Those oil cartridges don't do jack shit for me, or edibles.

    Wax gets me good.

    My buddy can do fat dabs and not feel it, bit gets messed up on edibles.

    The human body is strange.
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  12. Plants use photosynthesis to create energy. Cellular respiration breaks down adenosine triphosphate. When chlorophyll breaks down over time, the sugars from the plant can naturally integrate into the bloodstream.

    Stripping off all the crystals first and compacting it into liquid concentrate makes it taste good, but removes a large portion of matter that actually naturally does work the way the plant would. Eating a milky way wouldn't taste like anything if it was just a package of splenda. But you could tell people it was better and they would buy it anyway.
  13. What cannabinoids/medicinal properties are we missing in concentrates vs smoking the full nug?

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  14. The entire green leaf would be absent if you just collect trichomes and concentrate them. In this amazing plant of a green leaf, chlorophyll excretes natural enzymes that help metabolize gastrointestinal processes. Green is good for you, so why take it out of the equation and presume the alteration is better?
  15. So to further clarify, if you were to make some oil from his sour diesel buds you would not get more high out of that oil than you would if having smoked an equal amount of the plant (of course based on the ratio of how much oil you got from how much plant matter). The only real convenience with oil is that you essentially throw away the plant matter, and keep only the THC, leading to a small loss in overall THC (minimal loss if you know what you're doing) but a lot more concentrated product in the end.
    So if you take 5g of his sour diesel and it contains 15% THC, you can extract up to 0.75g pure THC which would amount to 1 cl 75% THC oil in the best case.

    You can't really compare the potency other than by THC, since every way of processing the plant will change the chemical structure in some way. In your oil, you don't have the same chemicals as if you would have smoked the plant, and therefore it will never be the same type of high or even the same chemicals at play.
  16. Wouldn't that only be active if you eat it.

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  17. The plant matter remains the same matter even in gaseous form. As a benefit to gas, it is able to permeate all membranes of organs and organ systems at a rate much more proficient than the stomach can digest. This is why smoking weed hits you in seconds, while an edible takes 30+ minutes to sink in.
  18. The numbers might be higher, but I find that smoking flower does the job much more strongly than oil vape cartridges. I still use oil, mainly in the daytime when I just need a puff or two to straighten out my mood and I'm not really looking to get high, and it's hard to beat the discretion. But when I want to feel it, flower all the way.

    Plus, cannabis more than just THC (and CBD) numbers. It's more complicated than that, and everything that's in it works in concert with one another.
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  19. You are killing me, bro. Save your book reading and college crap. Nothing you are saying makes sense, you are one of those guys who thinks he knows alot, but don't really know jack shit. Probably 14 or some stupid crap. If you have any knowledge about the cannabis plant, you will know that there are some proven stuff from cannabis - the thc, cbds. Are mostly found in the trichomes, or milky/amber/clear heads and stems that grow mainly on the buds, small leafs, and stems, etc., while the plant material itself might contain some cannabanoids those are mostly in the trichomes, the plant material might hold 3 to 5 percent, tops. Mistasparkles said everything in his first statement about he is schooling peeps or whatever it was. Too funny.

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  20. No disrespect, but fuck you. I won't get nasty, because stooping is for the low. Photosynthetic crystals naturally produced by the plant help the plant itself. People can fuck with whatever they want. Go smoke your shit and be happy you narc.

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