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Can someone be allergic to cannabis?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fat Hits, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. A couple people I know say that they don't like to smoke because it makes them feel sick every time, and claim that they are "allergic". My question is simple - is this a real thing?

    I understand that some people can't handle the bud but I don't know if it necessarily means that they have a physical rejection to it.

  2. Anyone can be allergic to anything.
  3. My ex was supposedly..even one hit of schwag would make her puke and trip balls
  4. If they were allergic to it, they wouldn't get nauseous. Allergies to pot is similar to grass, if you roll in it you get the's the same concept, when people are around you and smoke it, you break out in the hives and it's so fucking itchy never wanna deal with having an allergic breakout like that, every single inch of your body is covered...and it sucks when you have to drive a few hours back home from a concert, lemme tell ya

    But i just thought i'd relay that message, if they were allergic to it and smoked it themselves their throat would enflame and enclose their airway and they'd possibly die if they didn't get immediate medical attention, and as you can tell this is not the case.

    If they feel sick, i'd imagine it's because marijuana is a mind altering drug and they're not feeling good from coming down and already have previous symptoms of sickness but they didn't notice it because they were 'high'.
  5. Yep! It is well documented-

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    Granny :wave:

  6. Very informative.

    Thanks again Granny.
  7. I think the better question is how in this day and age can they not eradicate allergies? Idk might be a dumb question.

  8. They can to an extent, it's just unaffordable for the average household.
  9. [quote name='"bubbs"']

    They can to an extent, it's just unaffordable for the average household.[/quote]

    Really? I didn't know that, not that I've done any research or anything on it. Fuckin poison ivy

  10. it's kind of like immunizations i believe, expose to said allergy some way chemically then slowly build immune system to it
  11. False
  12. A lot of people are allergic to any kinds of smoke.
  13. My mother claims she is allergic to it.

    Background: She's allergic to tree nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, filberts/hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, coconut, pecans, pine nuts (pignolia nuts), pistachios, and walnuts.)

    She's had an allergic reaction before, to say the least. Says in college she smoked with my Dad and had a similar reaction.
  14. can they be allergic...YES
    are all the people saying they are allergic, as a reason to not partake, really allergic...NO. (they should just say they don't want's cool, honest, and nothing wrong with not toking)
  15. yep my buddies mom is allergic
  16. most usually just say it not to smoke i dont see why they just say nah im good. Some can be allergic, rare id assume.
  17. Absolutely. I developed an allergy to it, and can't smoke anymore. I suppose my allergy is on the more severe side. It makes me very ill now. I wish I could still smoke.:( At first I have trouble breathing, my nose becomes completely inflamed, and I am basically struggling to breathe. The day after I am very itchy and still have trouble breathing. Sometimes it's so bad I'll have a fever and get chills/ aches in my body. It's a scary feeling, similar to having a bad case of the flu.
  18. Yes. I have a friend who thinks shes allergic.
  19. it is possible to be allergic to anything..

    the smoke by itself can be an irritant..
  20. You actually can be allergic to it but I don't think it's very common. I'm allergic to EVERYTHING that they do on the allergy test other than the water(which btw, you can be allergic to) and I'm not allergic to smoking weed!

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