can someone be a sport and give me advice?

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  1. I posted about a week ago saying how i think I was setting my standards too high. There's this girl I know who's a tiny bit chubby, but she's probably one of the cuter chubby girls you can find. She's always hitting on me and flirting with me and holding hands with me when I see her. She definitley is into me and she's a really nice, outgoing and friendly girl.

    So she's not the kind of girl I really WANT, but she's definitley someone I could be in a relationship with for at least a few months to a year. Whenever she flirta with Me and shit I always play it off as a joke, but should I? I haven't been in a relationship for a pretty long while and she's not prude like a lot of girls I've seem to have been talking to.

    So my choice is relationship or friends with benefits ( my friends told me they've heard she does a nice job). I might try to see if she wants to hangout with me this weekend and see where that goes from but I don't know what to do. Sorry this post isn't very specific, Im pretty confused right mow to be honest.
  2. You really want a bunch of strangers to decide for you?
  3. Im not trying to be an asshole but she could not even like you a bit.. I know alot of girls who are flirts and will constantly hit/smack your ass/hold hands but they have no intention in getting with you. There was this girl I knew (still know her actually) that I thought was into me because she would constantly call my name and wave at me at random times and I would sometimes catch her looking at me and smiling. She was always talking with me and I decided to go for it.. and it turned out she didn't like me like that. She did think I was cute but I wasn't her type I guess. Mixed signals are annoying. But anyways, why not? If the girl your talking about is cute-ish or even cute I would totally do it. I personally don't care about bodyweight because I mean.. really. Thats really shallow. If you like her personality and everything go for it. You may even get lucky because alot of chubby girls give blows like crazyy. I say go for it. :wave:
  4. she's told my friends she likes me and made it pretty obvious... i could see how you would think that though

    and yeah i heard she's reallllllllyyyy nice at blows
  5. I'll just tell you what I'd tell any one of my friends in the same situation:

    Why are you settling? Even if you haven't been in a relationship for a while, what's the point of getting involved with a girl that doesn't make your heart skip a beat when you're with her? You deserve a girl who you really like, just as this girl deserves a guy who really likes her.

    And, don't fool yourself with the FWB. As you said, she's definitely into you - There's absolutely no way having a no strings attached fuck buddy will work out. It'll just get messy and ugly and feelings will be hurt.

    Don't fuck her around, and don't short change yourself.

    Edit: How many of your friends has she blown? Haha shit!
  6. Don't do the FWB thing. I think if you can get over your superficially and treat this girl like you should treat the girl who you want to be with then go for it. If you're going to treat her like a chubby girl you're settling for than you don't deserve the cute, nice, friendly, outgoing girl who gives a mean bj anyway.
  7. if your hearing this from all of your friends because theyve heard thht are you sue thht is the kind of girl you want to be with?

    i agree with lowering your standards to play the field a bit but you still need to keep your dignity

  8. haha...i like this person's answer.

  9. haha none she blew some kid i knew a while ago and he told everyone about it and said she was mad good

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