can someone ballpark me, what dimension of stuff i should get for my closet grow?

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    I've read the guides, so i know how it should be done, its just a matter of scaling it right.
    i'm also in the middle of a ultra low budget pc grow right now, to see if i liked growing. and i do.
    the room i have is not perfect in size, but will have to be enough.
    its slightly over 45 x 45 cm, and 160cm high. thats slightly over 0.3m³.. so, i just need a 20m³/hr exhaust? that does seem a bit low, and i cant seem to find any fans that slow.. id like to get a carbon filter too, so it needs some static pressure i guess.. passive intake is enough? and would you recommend a circulation fan too?
    its also only about 0.2m², so how much light would i need in you opinon? geting good reflctors of course.
    i know its small, but all i have, and i can get clones that are ready bloom right away.
    well.. its something, and certainly bigger and more convenient than my 25x50x60 pc grow. [​IMG]
    ps: if thats relevant, i'd be using coco in smart pots. i'd have room for 4 11l pots.

  2. If you can fit an hid setup in there I'd get a 250w hps or hps/mh digital combination. For fans, a 4inch exhaust fan with a rheostat with passive intake would do fine, with a 4inch carbon filter to match. Probably wouldn't need another fan if you're getting good breeze created from the exhaust.
  3. Thanks. That was very helpfull

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