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  1. Why do people drop out of high school? Is it really that hard to wake up relatively early and sit in class with your friends ??
  2. [quote name='"Taylored"']Why do people drop out of high school? Is it really that hard to wake up relatively early and sit in class with your friends ??[/quote]

    Sometimes it's not that easy. Other factors come into play. Some people drop out to help support their family for instance
  3. im not sure why all people do, obviously, but some people drop out because highschool is fucking bullshit and get their GED, go to a community college, and transfer to a university and nothing is changed other than they didnt graduate high school lol

    i have 2 friends who did this, and their lives are going juuuuust fine hahaha
  4. High school doesn't treat everyone good. Some people think it's better that they don't go.
  5. I fucked up in my freshman year really bad only passed about 3 classes. Sophomore year i only failed 1 class and made it up quick. Junior year i had the worst attendance in high school. Senior year i transfered to an alternative school and became a pothead. Halfway through that year i dropped out and just got my GED because i would have became a super senior.

    I really hate waking up early, because im a night person and i have depression issues thinkin i have no reason to wake up.
  6. Differs from person to person. Ya can't just say anyone who drops out did it 'cause they're lazy. I personally had to drop out of high school due to severe social anxiety I had when I was that age. Got my GED, and I can't see how my life would be different had I stayed in high school.

    Though, some people who drop out don't do it for the best reasons. I've seen a lot of people end up in less than favorable positions because they simply didn't want to do high school.
  7. Well my girlfriend at the time lived on the same street as my school, my drugdudee lived next door to her, and her mom worked untill 8pm. So yeah...After I said FU to Catholic skoo in 11th, I soon learned the public High School was so shitty I said fuck it. GED was better than that nuthouse.

    Plus I was a vast minority and the teachers didn't teach shit :(
  8. I hate waking up early, but graduated high school. Probably runs in the family. lol. But I can see a female getting prego and having to dropout to take care of her kid, totally understandable, but should go back and get GED after she gets some help with her kid,
  9. To all of you saying getting a GED is the better route; employers, admissions offices, and the various branches of the military all look down on GEDs as opposed to high-school diplomas.

    High-school not only required intelligence and basic study skills, but also required basic social skills.

    Any socially inept person can get a GED, and employers know this and want socially "normal" workers, so they show a preference towards high-school graduates.
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    While this is probably true for certain jobs (ones that require advanced diplomas, etc) I haven't had trouble finding a job since I got my GED 30 or so years ago, and I've worked in a pretty large range of fields. Not once has my lack of a high school diploma been an issue.

    A few studies have popped up even suggesting that in the following years, fewer and fewer jobs will require high school diplomas. Demand for Jobs That Require High School Diploma Declines - College Bound - Education Week (link to an article on this. Not very much detail, but the full report is there and it's a nice summary)

    Of course, there are also many jobs that DO require a high school diploma. Nice, high paying jobs. I suggest to anyone still in high school who's thinking about dropping out/getting the GED to really consider what they want to do with the rest of their lives.

    EDIT: As for the social issue, I think getting away from an environment where you're surrounded by like-minded, self-entitled teenagers would be great for developing social skills. Learn how adults interact with each other and the such.
  11. reminds me of this haha

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