can somebody tell me wtf this is?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tokin24/7, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Ok so i go to water my plant this afternoon & wtf theres 2 mini seed leaves popping out from the soil. What is this from & could it be that 1 seed made 2 plants??

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  2. Its looks like an alien to me...:eek:
  3. I've never experienced it but I think in a Cervantes book he said that sometimes a seed can produce 2 plants, I forgot what term he called it. But your plant looks too far along for a double sprout and it doesn't really look like a mj sprout imo.
  4. The verdict has been determined.

    It's an alien.
    Doesn't look like weed bro.

    You can let it grow for about another week and a half to two weeks, until it will start drastically interfering with your other plants root system.

    Pretty looking babies though =]
  5. weird man:confused:its like a seed popped into your soil without your knowledge & went deep & now its popped up 2 grow:confused: looks sorta like a cotlydone but not sure???????????

    be keepin an eye on this:D
  6. Yea, too young to tell, id give it a few days to make sure but my vote is not MJ.
  7. thats not a mj plant, 99% sure. look at the seed shell next to it.
  8. Yeah I saw that but at first I thought it might be an Osmocote shell although I don't see any Osmocote in the soil and I doubt he would use Osmocote in the soil. But yeah I'll say it again, probably not a mj sprout.
  9. Its a weed pull it out:(
  10. Yeah, it's a weed and that is a time release fertilizer ball next to it, not a seed casing.
  11. Deff a weed that was in your soil. Yank it up.
  12. Either a weed in your soil or it's from Area 51. Does it glow at night??
  13. thats happened to me before, i put my pot out side for some sun , and a couple of days later a weed popped out
  14. My FFOF soil had 3-4 2-3" sprouts in the bag new:eek:.
  15. lol naw it doesnt glow in the dark. didnt feel like it interfeering with my smallest plant(which is growing extremely fast after i actualy started watering all my plants till they drain a bit of water) so its gone :p never been outside so i have no idea how it got there.

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