Can somebody tell me more about Sour Hazy Jones please?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jd4083, Nov 5, 2014.

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    Sorry if this isn't in the right section but I'm absurdly high and can't be bothered to look very hard at the moment. 

    I have 11 of OJD's (Connoisseur Genetics) Sour Hazy Jones, which is Reservoir's cup-winning SSSDH (Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze) cut crossed with the truecannablis cut of Casey Jones which was originally by Head Seeds. These are soaking and ready to drop into the coco tomorrow, where they will get blasted by the 150w hps horizontally until they are a couple of nodes and ready to transplant for the main show, which is a 2x400w vertical scrog. 
    I have yet to find any info on them that is actually helpful. Nobody seems to have any photos during growth or after harvest and I feel like I've looked pretty thoroughly and am adequate enough at google fu to where I would have found something. 
    Can anybody give me some info on this, good, bad, or ugly? I'm about to run a pheno hunt of this random strain I bought on a whim and I would love to know what I should be looking for. I'm definitely going to be looking at the Casey-leaning phenos for the sheer production value but I know there will be some super funky hazy phenos somewhere lurking in that pack. I'm expecting 6-7 females so hopefully I get a good spread. Help is appreciated, thanks in advance guys.
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    Well, just as I posted this thread I got a PM back from OJD (the gentleman who bred this cross)...I have posted it below so that this might help somebody else with my same questions. Definitely still looking for some thoughts and experiences from you guys as well! Take care y'all, and thanks OJD

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