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  1. hey guys so I'm now in day 6 of this seed. I started germination last Friday via paper towel and transferred into rock wool on Sunday. Since then I've had it under a 300w hps about 2 ft away on a 12/12 schedule. Is it looking healthy or am I in trouble? I can't seem to get the shells to ever come off I get them to sprout but they die before losing they're shells. What am I doing wrong?

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  2. take it away from the hps you will fry it at that age put it near a window for now or under a less intense light source
  3. also why 12/12 from seed?
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  4. I'm not sure lol I just figured that was a good way to do it. I killed my seeds last time from too much darkness now this one my be a goner because the light was too much. Talk about a learning curve lol
  5. Normally the husk of the shell won't separate from the plant if it was planted to shallow. You can try to pry it off with tweezers but if you rip off the leaves inside, the plant will die.

    I agree that 300w is too much so early on, if it's all you have, keep it at a decent height from the plant, like 18 inches decent.

    12/12 from seed will force the plant to flower as soon as it can, you may prefer to veg for a while. Veg requires 18 hours plus of continuous light.

    Good luck!
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  6. Thanks...do you think the browning on the tap root means that I've burnt it?
  7. its a pain in the ass at 1st but get your research in bro, iv learnt so much over the years iv been doing it over trail and error, what i normally do with seedlings and young clones is let them veg under a fishtank florescent light for a week at least so the roots can build up, with strong light they need a good root system to keep up with the transpiration of water from the leaves, normally a plant would suck water as the water transpires but the root system as a seedling is so small that it struggles to keep up with the water loss so it eventually dries up or falls over,, any time i experience a seedling fall over may aswel say its dead, dont mean to be a downer but, just count it as a learning curve
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  8. as fester said 12/12 for flower 18/6-24/0 for veg, (i dont recommend 24/0 though plants need a rest if you ask me)
  9. It doesn't look burned to me, but it needs to shed that seed husk. Burning at this stage would totally dry up the plant and make it fall over.
  10. Word thx bro guess I gotta hold this L. It's pissing me off cause that was my last white widow after I killed the first 4 lmao. On to master kush it is, but when you germing under the aquarium light do you have a heating pad and humidity dome?
  11. Yea it's really floppy and flimsy tho. I got it sitting on the window seal now hopefully I start to see a improvement on the shell coming off. I'm not too optimistic tho.
  12. the heat pad is up to you tbh, i do have mine sat in the domes tray but i dont turn the heat on, and i dont put the top on the dome either i just sit them in the tray with the florescent over the top of them, i transplant when i see nice root growth then bang it under the strong light, i too have killed loads of seed in my time, mostly because i was to eager to get them under the big light
  13. Tweezers mate if you really wanna save it, try to split the shell and then take it off very gently and slowly.

    I'm pretty new at this and have killed many seeds, but now have it under control. Best advice I could give is keep it really simple.

    Don't bother with a humi dome, soaking seeds and all that stuff, just pop them in a small pot with some good soil, about 1 inch deep, keep a low watt light above them and keep them above 20 celcius. Don't feed them til they have a few nodes and when they get stronger hit them with more light and nutes slowly.
  14. i only use the heat and top for the dome when cloning
  15. i usually take the huskk of by hand if it stays on but you have to be real careful, if you have hulk hands try the tweezers 1st lol
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  16. Ok so basically the seed shell should be completely off by the time it pops from the rockwool?
  17. What watt aquarium light do you use?
  18. Hahaha definitely got some hulk hands going on over here.
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  19. Yeah... The husk should fall off as the seed comes out of the grow medium. If not buried deep enough there isn't enough moisture and friction to remove it and they come up looking like a lollipop, you then have to remove the husk yourself or the seedling just dies after a few days.
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  20. only a 15w daylight preheat 6500k,

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