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    I have deleted the text from the original post as i found it depressing and didn't wanna spread negative vibes. So this thread is pretty much done i guess.

  2. [quote name="WizardInBlack" post="19468484" timestamp="1391589946"]Warning, i'm going to talk about some fucked up shit.okay so before i go into detail i've known about the deep web for a couple of years because my friends brother would buy drugs off silkroad. I've heard about people buying weapons and hit men ect... but, recently i've found out about the darker part of the deep web. I was reading a story on nosleep (i love that subreddit) about this guy warning about the dark web or something. About how this guy always came into the gas station to buy cash vouchers or something and then gave the guy a piece of paper telling him how to get on to this part of the deep web. The narrator on nosleep followed the directions and found himself at a webcam and chat room. Where people paid money for these guys on the webcam to torture this innocent girl in whatever way they asked. (idk if the story is true but...)Well, what i didn't know was that apparently things like this really exist in the really dark hard to reach parts of the deep web. That there is all sorts of completely sick shit that normal people would never even think about let alone video it and take pictures like these sick fuckers. I mean unspeakable horrors that really happen in this world. Horrible things like mutilating infants and having sex with them, and that's the only example i'll give. I don't even want to talk about it here as its making me nauseous to think about.I'm almost in shock blades. knowing that this unspeakable fucked up shit seriously happens and they get away with it. All those missing person things you see, foul play is involved in many of these cases. I don't want to live in a world where this kind of shit happens, where people are put through an incomprehensible amount cruelty for the amusement of others.I just need someone to comfort me or something, I've never felt like this just because i found something out. This is making me sick and i didn't even look at anything on the deep web, as i've seen my fair share of gore on the normal internet when i was a curious middle-schooler. I've also lost someone i cared about recently so this is especially hard. I'm going to do some unmentionables, get drunk, and try to sleep.Any words of wisdom or anything would really help me out, thanks.[/quote]Oh my god. Keep it green!
  3. Just paid for my mutated fetus-fucking.
    Thanks, DarkWeb!
  4. Holy fuck what the fuck. Thats fucking crazy and fucked up, and I know it makes you shocked and shit but all you can do is accept it and move on, this world is a extremely cruel place where unimaginable things are done. Just always keep your eyes open.
  5. Man fucked up shit exists in this world all around us every day and if we really think about it we will be disgusted with modern society.  It's hard to imagine things like that until your eyes are opened up about them.  I really don't know what to say about this.  It's sickening and unfortunately people are FUCKED.  Maybe try to do some positive to the people around you to counteract these negative feelings?
  6. I don't doubt this at all, we live in fucked up times. Kinda reminds me of taken except far more horrible. You guys heard about the sex trafficking for the super bowl too I assume?
  7. huh?

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  8. No? Mind elaborating?
  9. Sounds like a pretty fictitious tale.

    The world's fucked up. Always has and always will. You can't focus in on the atrocities in life. Keep them in mind but don't let them bring you down.
  10. The story sounds so exaggerated..
    Can't believe everything you hear/read.
    But what do I know..the world is definitely a fucked up place though
  11. No offense OP, but I think everyone could've went without reading this story. Just makes us more aware of how shitty the world is.
  12. How old are you? You have only just found this out? I am not shocked that this happens at all, disgusting as it may be.

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    Thanks, i've been thinking about volunteering at a hospital or animal shelter or something, just to try to do some good ya know? A family member of mine recently committed suicide, so hearing about this stuff hit me really hard, and i kind of just freaked out so you can understand the long crazy post. Sometimes expressing things on the internet is easier since you're anonymous and you don't have to talk. Sorry if i made anyone feel down with the story, i've been in a bad place emotionally lately. Not trying to give a fuckin sob story or anything, just being truthful. 
    It's not about whether the story was fictitious or not, it's about how some of these things really happen. I was just looking for some good vibes man, people on grasscity are usually pretty nice so i thought i'd post here. I guess i can edit the original post down as to not spread negativity.
  15. Can you link me to said fetus fucking
  16. I didn't say to edit anything man. I am just saying for your sake. To comfort you. Since that was what you were seeking.

    I was just saying this shit happens, all the time. Not too long ago 7 million people were shoved into acid showers or died from not eating for weeks and working themselves to death. Remembering the atrocities but done let them drag you down.
  17. not trying to diminish your feelings man, but i will ssay that sick shit has happened long before you were here, and will happen looong after all of us are gone. bad shit happens every hour of everyday, but good things happen just as often (hopefully more often).
  18. Has no one heard of silk road? You can literally buy people off there. Im not surprised that there are some degenerates who think they can make money off of some sick twisted fucks disgusting desires.

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  19. It might exist in some sense on the deep Web, but his story is fake. Why would someone hand out something so dangerous out to a complete stranger, and accessing the deep Web isn't the easiest for some people.
  20. well silk road was real, the creator recently just got popped by the feds though not too long ago, and it wasn't too hard to access.

    I've known a couple people who talked about buying unmentionables and how there was a bunch of crazy shit on that site.

    Im glad that it got shut down. Its kind of scary to think about all the fucked up shit people do, huh?

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