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  1. So I’m doing a DWC grow..and basically..WTF is this and how do I cure it?

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  2. maybe.
    1. drain and flush.
    2. bubble in 1% hydrogen peroxide for 3 hours (or longer).
    3. replace with 1/2 concentration nutes + appropriate biological organisms.
    good luck
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  3. Do the roots have a scent, do they feel slimy, do they feel soft, if so its root rot.
    Maybe your water temp in the bucket is 70 degrees F or more ?
    65 to 68 degrees F is what you want
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  4. They fell and smell alright. Just seems as if small patch’s are turning brown and that part might be a bit slimy
  5. Your kind of making me guess to help you ,,what is the temp of the water.
    You can drop in chunk of ice twice to cool the temp down
  6. Get a chiller.
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