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  1. I need to talk to somebody. I am feeling extremely depressed & suicidal and I just need someone please.

    I am too much of a sensitive man. I feel everything too deeply.

    Tonight I took my friend to a college campus to hang out with this girl I like & he completely flirted with her hard & turned me into a third wheel.

    He did the same thing with my ex-fiancee who I loved so deeply and miss everyday.

    Everybody who I've ever loved has cheated on me or hurt me . What the fuck is wrong with me?

    I hate to sound "who is me". I know everybody has problems... But I feel like I am and I try everyday to be a kind and loving person... Yet I constantly think of suicide because I feel hurt everywhere I go
  2. what helped me was coming to terms with the fact that most people in the world are out for themselves. theyre also sanctimonious, narcissistic, and just dumb. if you think thats elitist, it probably is. but its what i think.

    try to not base your will to live off anything really, being more stoic, and "zen" helps. being more attached to things so unreliable as people just makes the fall harder.

    try to make new hobbies, master a skill or an art, this is dependable, will broaden your perspective and honestly just better yourself. you open yourself to different worlds that way.

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  3. That's good advice... Honestly bro... I'm at a college an hour away from home... And I'm about to fucking ditch my "friend" and go home because he fucking stole this chick I specifically told him I was interested in
  4. don't be a welcome mat. be a wingman
  5. Dang, bro. Hope you're feeling better.

    Depression is terrible. Been there, done that.

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  6. Breathe, your going to be okay. The right person will come in time. Don't make yourself suffer over it, and a friend isn't one who pushes you over. Screw that guy, he'll get whats coming to him. Keep your head up.
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  7. Thanks everybody I appreciate your kind words of support.

    I still feel in stitches & confused but I'm coming to terms with certain demons within my mind & soul - or at least trying to.. if anybody has advice or anything to add I'd love to hear it .. what helps me most is venting & talking to others

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  8. They say why have enemies when I have friends like these???
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  9. I hate to have that mind set but it's undeniable that we live in times of mass-selfishness & delusion - narcissistic & sociopathic tendencies have become the norm as we all conform to our egos and viciously succumb to the status quo
  10. Well try not to worry about negative influences and.focus on the positive things. Eliminate things that are.negative for you and things that cause you grif
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  11. You're right. I worry about the state of humanity& society and the future of earth & it worries me because I feel that mass industrialization and the systematic death of the natural world is prematurely destroying our home
  12. If you are going to worry about things like that, that are out of your control, you are not going to have a happy life. Find other passions that you can focus your energy on....things that will benefit you.
    So for example in my case, I made a lot of friends playing basketball. I lived in far west Houston but I knew people all over the city because my passion, basketball, took me all over the city looking for games to play.
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  13. Private message me whenever you want, anyway fuck him, no 'friend' does that, I don't know if you were previously suicidal but I do know they both aren't worth dying for. You said you're at college? Focus on education, prioritise and do as well as you can in order to get a good job and whilst he's stealing people's girls and being a dick, you'll be making something of yourself. Another girl will come along , tbh my game is dead as fuck at this time lol, anyway don't feel victimised by depression that's how it gets you, tell yourself you will just battle through it, and it won't be as bad I still have it (DO NOT TAKE ANTIDEPRESSANTS THEY'RE ZOMBIE PILLS), but it isn't as bad, a few years ago I was suicidal. Since then people I know have killed themselves and the effect on people is huge. My best mates dad just killed himself and I think of him everyday, even though I've met him like twice for 10 minutes. Everyone is affected by suicide. As someone said above me most people are either just not mentally capable of doing something for someone else because it doesn't benefit them, it's the way they've been taught since birth, unintelligent human instinct. So anyone that doesn't help you when they could, just remember that you don't have to for them, but when people are nice to you and do things for you return the favour largely and show appreciation otherwise you may come across spiteful. Anyway I''ve just woken up so some if that won't be relevant. I hope you're okay man - Ben
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    Why did u invite your friend to hangout with u and this chick u like, Why didnt u and the girl just hang out? I think either way one of yall were getting third wheeled.

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  15. Your "friend" is a dick.
  16. You are right it will make me stressed and unhappy constantly thinking about the travesties in the world. But I believe that it's not out of our control! United We are powerful! And we can make a positive change! Thinking that we can do nothing about evil is what cripples our spirit & breeds more evil. We do have the power to create positive change! To keep this earth beautiful and happy!

    Thank you for your kind words everybody - I truly appreciate them. I have struggled with my mind my entire life - and I suppose certain small instances like the other night send me spiraling. I will keep him as a friend because I have known him since elementary school and I think our friendship is worth more than girls . But it still hurts and I won't forget it anytime soon.

    My therapy is currently writing , poetry & such
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  17. I wish i had worthwhile advice to give but as a i have no feelings i would say smoke and drink, always works for me! Until im sober anyways.....

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  18. If you ever get to the point that you've thought about killing yourself just remember.. life has so much to offer, death offers nothing but darkness. If you need to change your life up move to a different city, Climb a mountain, volunteer in Africa, go and fight with the Kurds.. theres so much you could go and do but once you are stuck in that frame of mind were death is the only way out of a situation you cant see past it.
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  19. Learn to play guitar man, music will save you, and you will find a new meaning in the music you already enjoy.
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