Can somebody help me out!?! Leaves twisting in a very abnormal manner

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  1. My G14 autoflower has encountered some problems that I have no clue about. A little of backstory, the grow room is usually about 73 degrees while the lights are off be tends to climb to the upper 80s while I sleep. This has been happening for a couple weeks now, and off the advice of a friend I flushed her with 2 gallons of perfectly PHed water last Tuesday. Today while getting up to take piss I went to check them out and noticed that the room was around 88 degrees. I promptly opened the flap of the grow tent and it drastically lower the temp, along with that I put my large room fan in front of the passive airflow hole and now the room is around 77 degrees (lights on). I still believe that this issue is heat related and have since moved up my light, but the G14 and Blue Dream keep growing upwards even with my SCROG. Any suggestions are helpful.

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  2. Idk what you are so concerned about the plants should be stretching to the light they are still in early flower, they do not use all of there power for buds till around week 6 of flower.
  3. What kind of light and how far away? I see some small tacoing at the top leaf so that says light or heat stress. The leaf you showed on the other post looked a little like light burn. That's why I asked what type and how high the light is
  4. I've been steadily moving up the light for a few weeks now. I'd say my light is about 12 inches from the top of my main cola. I usually try and keep the room around 75 - 85, butbive found at night that it creeps to 90 at times so I've been having to leave my grow tent door open and blowing a fan through it.
  5. Yea the temps are pretty high you want to be around 69 to 78 and what kind of light are you using because unless it is cfls it seems very close.

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