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  1. Ok well this is what i do can someone tell me if im doin wrong...
    I start of a clone an give it water an mother plant nutritions for the 1st month... I just brought some black label nutritions for my veg stage which i will be doin for 1 month as well.when its time to start the budding i will move outside an let it finish outside an i have anotha question can i use miracle-gro it has 24%(n) 24-8-16 black label is part a has 5.0% (n) 5-0-1 part b 1% (n) 1-3-5 what is the limit for nitrogen (n)
  2. I would not add any chemical nitrates whatesoever. the only nitrates are released by soil decay organisms. If you need to add so many nitrates consider that your soil is nitrogen deficient, and look at correcting this problem. IMO
  3. I dunno what you're transplanting in, but besides maybe a little superthrive or rooting hormone (shultz etc) wouldn't add a thing for a month, good soil should have plenty of nutes to get you started
  4. I have fox farm soil an what about me moving my plants outside is that a good idea??? My plants dont get no better then 3ft why is that???

  5. do i put superthrive in wit nutritions or wit just when watering???
  6. jesus

    if you're using fresh soil, NO MORE NUTRIENTS

    only water. one month.

    little superthrive in there for the initial soak down after transplant, and maybe again a week later if they still look down. once they start perking up, stick with straight water.

  7. I would skip on both those. superthrive is a (non) registered pesticide and shulz is just another useless chemical, especially compared to available natural hormones.

    fox farms soil will have enough nutrients for at least several weeks, there are a few things you can do to increase the release of these nutrients to your plant, but it would be easier maybe to just keep transplanting upward Ie 1 gal-->3 gal--> 5 gal --> 7 gal. see the point. If you move it outdoor you will probably see it grow bigger if there's more light. If it's still prior to week 2 of flower (when buds are forming) I would spray it with neem oil mixed with aloe vera juice every night.

  8. Height is dependent on many things. Genetics being a huge part some plants simply do not get big no matter what you do. Container size...a plant knows how big the container its in is. They will not infinitely grow in a small pot. Bigger the pot bigger the plant. If you were to plant 3 seeds in 3 various sized pots all at the same time you would see each plant adapt to that pot and all of them would most likely turn out to be different widths and heights.

    Lastly Cannabis doubles to tripples in flowering. So if your only vegging a plant to say 6 inches then you most likely would not have a plant over 18-20 inches tall. Want a tall plant veg for longer.

    Also it would help if you read up some :)

  9. i stray one a week wit aza max...

  10. i start in a cup (like a party red cups) like it go for 2-4 weeks then more to a 6' container let it grow for another 2-4 weeks then i move outside to a 5 gal container an let it finish...
  11. project weed, neem contains several dozens of compounds that affect plants environmental resistance... azadirachtin being one of them. azamax is just a extract of neem... believe me, I've burnt through over a half gallon of azamax.... 2 gallons of organic neem oil + 10 lbs neem cake= $160 + tax& shipping online. beats azamax by a long shot. just food for thought when you run out of it...
  12. anything else i need to kno???

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