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  1. Ok well this is what i do can someone tell me if im doin wrong...
    I start of a clone an give it water an mother plant nutritions for the 1st month... I just brought some black label nutritions for my veg stage which i will be doin for 1 month as well.when its time to start the budding i will move outside an let it finish outside an i have anotha question can i use miracle-gro it has 24%(n) 24-8-16 black label is part a has 5.0% (n) 5-0-1 part b 1% (n) 1-3-5 what is the limit for nitrogen (n)
  2. There is no limit. At first make the fert mix lighter. Put in like 1/4 or 1/2 of the suggested ferts and check how they cope.
  3. Make sure you harden the plants off before you put them full sun.

  4. what is harden???

  5. As per the guys above......use 1/4 strength nutes for the first 2-3 weeks, better to foilar spray with a hand pump,
    Harden off! the plant outdoors so she get used to it, for a hour or two initially then increasingly so 6-8 hours a day, so it isn't such a shock to the plant.

  6. don't give it too much sun in first days (a few hours) but it can stay outdoors (no need to bring back in)

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