Can somebody give me the basic views of each party?

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  1. I'm trying to figure out exactly which party I am closest aligned with. So could somebody, for example, pick a problem and give the solution that's Republicans, democrats, liberals, libertarians, and conservatives would suggest. Trying to get a basic idea of each party's ideas
  2. Problem: Terrorism

    Democrats - Invade countries with people that don't like us and kill them all.

    Republicans - Invade countries with people that don't like us and kill them all.

    Libertarians - Withdraw our insulting occupation forces from 150 countries and bolster national defense.

    Problem: Banks and corporations

    Democrats - Prop them up then bail them out.

    Republicans - Prop them up then bail them out.

    Libertarians - Don't prop them up and let them fail.

    Problem: Unemployment

    Democrats - Raise taxes and increase jobs spending.

    Republicans - Lower taxes and increase jobs spending.

    Libertarians - Lower taxes and eliminate jobs spending.

    Problem: Drug abuse

    Democrats - Send them to jail.

    Republicans - Send them to jail.

    Libertarians - Drug addiction is a social/medical problem, not a criminal one.

    Problem: Debt

    Democrats - Raise taxes to increase spending.

    Republicans - Decrease taxes and increase spending.

    Libertarians - Decrease spending, then taxes.

  3. You're mostly correct but I don't think you're being fair on this last part. The Tea Party in congress shouldn't be aligned with the old republican party. The new republican party(tea party which congress will get more of, not less) is a hybrid between libertarians and Republicans. I am sorry but keeping taxes the way they are and cutting 9 trillion from the national deficit doesn't sound like more of the same to me at all. It's a change which is why the MSM refers to them as "economic terrorists" :rolleyes:

    I don't hear the tea partiers talk about terrorism much if at all.
  4. o gee someone is a little one sided don't you think. I don't know shit or what political party I would belong to, if I chose. Nor do I care. But i am fairly in tune with my own beliefs. Maybe if someone gave a little info in manner such as aaronman, Except slightly less biased I could benefit from this as well

  5. Not to sound like a dick, but you want to help this country? Don't vote! And tell your friends not to vote either. For the love of god people recognize if you need to be TOLD the difference between the two (especially in this day and age, god damn seriously?) you're fucking retarded and your votes are dangerous.
  6. divide & profile
    divide & demonize
    divide & eradicate.
  7. I wouldn't be so quick to label yourself...

    You can take this however you like... I don't care for any political party and I'll tell you why. Our country is in trouble, and I mean big time trouble. Our debt is currently 14.3 trillion USD. The real debt, including unfunded promises made by our legislators, is over 100 trillion USD, I've even seen figures over 200 trillion USD, though I'm not sure which, if either, is more viable. Either way, it is for all intents and purposes more money than exists in the world.

    The reason this is important to remember is to realize that while you may have personal feelings about gay marriage, abortion, and stem cell research, these issues are trivial. The only things that matter are warfare and welfare. It is usually perceived that the Republicans are for warfare and against welfare, while the Democrats are for welfare and against warfare. If you manage to actually pay attention to what has been going on, you would come to notice that both parties love both warfare and welfare. These two things give the politicians more power over us than any other issue(s).

    I know this doesn't really answer your questions, but I hope it helps you. I just hate to see people associate themselves with either of the two major parties. If you are to align yourself with one party, I think third parties are generally the best. Removing incumbents and party majorities is important for reducing the level of corruption in our government. Just my advice...
  8. Democrats= Pussies
    Republicans= Idiots
    Libertarians= Anarchist
  9. Democrats = tax and spend, dumb, perverts, liars, poopy pants
    Republicans = Patriots
    Libertarians = naive

  10. patriots.... that's a good one
  11. lmao we're looking for facts, not opinions, correct?

  12. We're not looking for shit but opinion in this failure of a thread..
  13. oh okay ha ha

  14. Exactly. I don't know anything about either. I don't care too and I don't agree with the party system. I believe this makes me an exception to "being fucking retasrded"
  15. Oh I forgot to say NON BIAS. One of the reasons I don't know shot about the party's is because it all THEY'RE DUMB FUCKING IDIOTS and all that. Seriously.

    And no, I'm not trying to align myself with a party, I'm seeing what party I'm aligned with. I'm not changing my views, I'm just trying to see where I fit the most
  16. What was wrong with my post? :confused:

  17. Okay let's do this differently. Tell us more about your beliefs.

    First off tell us how, if at all, can government create jobs...

    US military and war:

    Private vs Public sector:



    States rights (where do you draw the line, if at all, on state's rights over federal supremacy):

    That's enough if you talk about all that I will be able to tell you.

  18. Your post was good, but some others were not. I wasent reffering to you
  19. First off tell us how, if at all, can government create jobs...

    US military and war: we need to pull troops home, and cut spending in half at least. We need to stop trying to fix everyone else's problems before we can even fix out own.

    Private vs Public sector: care to explain this a little?

    Unions: this too

    Taxes: Need to get rid of the bush tax cuts. If anything, tax the rich more then they were before.

    States rights (where do you draw the line, if at all, on state's rights over federal supremacy): states have the right to make whatever laws they want, as long as the people agree. Federal government should have no say, and should not interfere at all

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