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  1. Hello all!

    I'm having a problem with my outdoor plants (I'm 6 weeks in flower now and need another week or two before harvest). I don't think it's a big problem right now, but I want to catch it before it becomes a big one! I need help identifying whatever critter(s) are eating my buds. I've done a lot of searching and I think it might be caterpillar or inch worm, but I can't seem to find any pictures that would show me "evidence" or what their poo looks like.
    I started to notice these little brown pellet-looking things. I cut off the effected buds (down to where I didn't see anymore pellets, which was minimal), and took some pics of them. In the process, I also came across the little cocoon thing too. I looked at the undersides of the leaves with a 30x magnifier and I do see an egg or two, but there doesn't seem to be any "infestation" of any kind as of yet.
    Any help would truly be appreciated!

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  2. Okay, so I'm being a little impatient - sorry!! I'm hoping that somebody will eventually look at my pictures and help me identify what I've got going on...

    Thanks again!!
  3. Looks like some kind of aphid cocoon or something. Try neem oil, it kills lots of bugs. Plus it looks like there is some kind of poop on the buds as well. I have no idea what that is.
  4. Those are catapillers They will devistate your plant if you don't find them. They live inside the bud check the thread about catapiller. I have had them and so have others this is the time of year they hatch.The dark egg looking things are poo.
  5. O crap!
    Shit has hit the fan(leaf).
  6. SmknVTEC: Thanks for the look and advice. I'm debating on the NEEM or the Safer Pillar Killer... I'm worried about the NEEM being too thick since I'm 6 weeks into flower now, although I know that the NEEM will surely take care of anything else that might be going on... hmmm

    SrGrower: I've read the threads on the catepillars, worms, and let's not forget the hilarious thread on the "THC WORMS"! It was the comments about the poo that ALMOST confirmed it for me, but nobody had any pictures of either the worms or the poo. When I started looking in the buds for the worms, I couldn't see anything, but I cut down until I didn't see anymore poo, hoping this would stop them from going any further. What did you use to get rid of them?

    urgr8estfear: :laughing: Very f'n funny!! Thanks for the reply, but more importantly, thanks for making me laugh! Good thing I'm not uptight about my "crappy" situation - I'd have to bitch slap you with words!! :eek: ;) LOL! Thanks for taking a look!
  7. So, while I was staking and tying up my plants today, I decided to take some more time to see if I can find any of these worms... I found one - and once I knew what I was looking for, I searched and found about 4 more. They looked like a small tomato worm - well, what I saw of them. I got so grossed out by them that I just grabbed them off of the plant, threw them hard against my concrete patio floor, then stepped on them. BUT, tomorrow, I'm going to feed the plants, so when I do that, I'll look for more catepillars - before I take it off of the plant, I'm going to take a few pictures of it and post them here.

    One of the problems that I had identifying the pest was that I couldn't find any photos of what damage the catepillar causes, what color and/or size they are, and I certainly couldn't find any photos that would confirm that I had catepillar poo on my pot - so I hope these help somebody else somewhere down the line...

    In the next few days, I'm also going to post the pictures in a new thread in this forum for those who didn't get to see them here.

    Thanks again for all of your help and advice...
  8. When you take those pix also include a pic with it on a penny or coin so we can see its real size, many times pictures are very dificult to determin its size with out something to go by. Good luck,and dont let your dank buds:D turn into "shit weed":eek:
  9. Well, I found two more today - and sorry ocitown, I had already taken the pictures (without comparison with anything) before I killed the bastards!

    As far as size is concerned, the biggest one I've found was about 1-1/2" long and the smallest was about 3/8" long. These ones (two different ones here), were about 3/4" long each...

    Sorry they're a little blurry, but it's been windy here in the afternoons, but they give you the general idea of what they look like.

    In the next few days, I'm going to create a new thread to share these pics, so if I come across anymore, I'll take some with a coin or a frame of reference...

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  10. Looks like they been WELL fed my dear,Kill em all:devious:
  11. Yeah, I know - but you imagine the munchies these guy probably get!! LOL

    Okay, all laughing aside - These things gross me out!! Luckily, it looks like only a few branches are effected - at least for now - and I plan on doing daily catepillar patrol - SEEK AND DESTROY!! Now that I know what to look for, I'm all over it!! Wish me luck!
  12. I read once that bugs can also be destroyed with Co2, @a high PPM (not sure of the #) wonder if Co2 in a clear bag outdoors would work?
  13. I used the Safer brand catarpiller killer. I used it about 10 days ago and I have found a few on the out side but the insides are ok. I check every day. Funny thing is since I've been opening the buds they are getting fat.:hello: I do find one every other day but only on the outside of the buds and they appear to be dieing. The killer is applied every 14 days and you can use a pump sprayer/spray bottle to apply. You can just mist it on and it works on the new hatchlings. You still have to look inside for the crafty ones.
    They are hatched from butterfly/moths.Keep them away and your ok.

    I broke some branches and smoked the early probuct and I cannot taste anything. I smoked after drying around 8 days after spraying.


    OH! Those new pics are the moth larva. They do burrow into the heart of the buds.
    They get dark when they mature and get a stripe dowm the side.
    I take it you live in california that is the worst area. So I've heard.
  14. Yeah, SrGrower - I'm in California. I think I've gotten them all - at least for now, but am continually on "pillar patrol". I haven't seen any new ones in 4 days or so, so I'm hoping I got them before they decided to breed! Plus, I think the huge rainstorm we had Friday night helped - I'm hoping it knocked any of those little suckers off! No new chewing is good news to me!!

    Thanks everybody for the replies, and I hope it helps others with their "pillar" problems!!

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