Can some1 explain autoflowering

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  1. Can some1 please explain how autoflowering seeds differ compared to regular seeds

    Specifically lighting and nutes
  2. anyone know anything?
  3. autoflowering is the process of a plant going into the flowering stage,without switching the light cycle to 12/12 ,the plants by genetics goes into flowering automatically
    as far as nutes i just got my lowryder 2 seeds today from attitude seeds,and im going to be learing a wee bit about this same question,i oredered me some foxfarms tigerbloom,and some mylar sheeting,for sure the first 2 weeks of life for my girl,im not going to introduce any nutes,and after 2 weeks when she shoes her sex,im going to add nutes
    best of luck with this,and hopwfully we both can figure this out
  4. ruderalis (autoflower) is the "wild" form of cannabis. its native to areas to the north that I know of, maybe south as well....

    either way, its native to environments that freeze early, and thusly would not allow the plant to flower and produce offspring if it reproduced based upon the sun's schedule.

    so, it flowers based upon a pre-determined genetic marker. I dont know if it's height or age, or whatever, cause Ive never grown an autoflower.
  5. ^Umm, kinda sorta. Biologically there are three types of cannabis: sativa (originally from equatorial regions), indica (originally from mountainous regions of central Asia), and ruderalis (I believe originally from Russia). Sativa and indica produce THC, ruderalis effectively does not. But ruderalis does have the genetic trait of flowering on its own, without needing a "trigger" to start the hormonal process that induces flowering (sativa and indica are triggered by longer dark periods and shift in light spectrum).

    There are strains that are bred with ruderalis genes in order to get the autoflowering trait. Unfortunately, these strains also carry another ruderalis genetic trait, namely low THC levels.

    I recommend steering clear of autoflowering strains, there is nothing difficult about flowering a plant with full genetic traits for producing THC.
  6. ruderalis got its start whensome cannabis sativa hemp escapeded captivity and addapted to the north american continent and parts of russia

  7. The reason I am going with autoflowering plants is because I am doing it under a time contraint
  8. You can still start a non-autoflowering into 12/12 pretty much right off the bat, same timeframe...
  9. This is a lil if I get a regular strain it would still be the same as an auto flowering plant

    But if I get an autoflowering plant it goes under 20/4 and if I get a regular strain I have to put it under 12/12?
  10. Yeah...

    The autoflowering plant will grow a fair bit faster during flowering because it's recieving more daylight hours. But that's it's only pro... has a few bad cons. Like lower potency than a normal strain (in most cases), and you cannot clone it.
  11. I can deal with not cloning but want to get some exeperience while i can b4 i leave home...
  12. I'm no real expert on the subject but the ONLY auto strain I've seen worth taking a second look at is Lowryder X AK-47.

    Keep in mind... the weed may look very fuckin dank with insane yield, but have mediocre potency. That is apparently often the case with ruderalis crosses.

  13. i second that. since the ruderalis does not produce THC (but it's excellent for fibers), those strains that are crossed with it do exhibit the autoflowering trait but are also less potent than pure indica or sativa strains. Having said that, if you're gonna grow lowriders the shit thats gonna come out of your closet is still gonna be waaaaay better than 90% of the crap you buy on the street. Also.... potency is relative: i reckon that a lowrider grown under an HPS will contain more THC than another strain thats been gron under CFLs, for example. As with everything, there's pros and cons. the pros are: they're easy as shit to grow and therefore excellent for fisrt-timers, the'yre very fast (a lowrider will be ready for harvest in 60 days from seed), they remain very small and if youre growing in a very tiny space they will definitely be easier to manage than other plants. on the other hand the potency will be diminished as well as the yield, they require 18h of light throughout their life (although this is offset by the fact they mature so quickly), its practically impossible (althoough some have managed it) to take clones, so you'll be forced to either produce your own seeds or keep buying thm over and over.
    you may achieve similar results with indica/sativa strains grown under 12h, but they will take much longer to mature an take up more space than a lowrider.
  14. Ok I think i get it...I hope to be growing an auto ak47 and hoping that it will be better than some of the shit i smoke now...Anyone with experience with an auto ak47??

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