Can some one please describe these strains to me?

Discussion in 'General' started by k2rigs, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. I am going to Gulf Shores, Alabama next month on a 2 week hyadis (sp) to buy some weed foor my personal stash and get comatosed for about 10 days! LOL! I want some pineapple, cotton candy, bubblegum. Can some one please describe the 3 of these to me?

    Smell, pictures, after taste, smoothness, type of high...

    Thanks so much guys! This is definately why I love my friends here at GC!
  2. All those strains i've had and they smell very similar to the particular name they have. I don't wanna bust your balls, but I doubt someone in arkansas is going to happen to have all 3 of those strains and hook you up with all 3. I could be wrong, but even here in Cali you can't find a dealer who has 3 different dankkk nugs. Either way though, you are gonna get blazzed
  3. Yeah, I doubt any dealer in Arkansas wil have all 3 either. But I'm going to Alabama and I already have a conection there that can get me all three strains pretty easily. I'm just wondering though if either are gonna be better than the other, stronger, smell better, better high...
  4. What just happened was funny.

    Bubblegum is better than the other 2 in my opinion.
    Stronger high
    Longer high
    Tastes Amazing.

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