Can some one help critter????

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Bud Head, Oct 16, 2002.

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  1. He needs some of this



    SHIIT and P.S. to any ladies viewing this i wouldn\'t mind some either

  3. LOL my friend !!! Just trying to help you out! LOL
  4. Poor u need me to lick, nibble, and tease you???????? I was saving it for Bud Head but if you need it that badly then I\'ll make you feel all better!!!!! LOL. After all, I am a flower child that believes in free love!!!!!!! LOL
  5. Bud Head, do you remember your first blowjob????

    What did it taste like?

  6. lol, you guys are priceless.

    hey flowerchild...can i get some of that free lovin?!??

  7. You tried to pull that on me before. I in turn replied........ I don\'t know because you were giving it!! LMAO!!!!

    Flowerchild I don\'t mind sharing with critter. Just don\'t forget about me later!!!!!!!
  8. if he showed up for church he wouldn\'t have this problem....

  9. Of course you can!!!!! I guess I\'ll have to start traveling to share all my free lovin\'.........but sensimil, I could never tell no to you!!!!!!!

    And Bud Head, at least you aren\'t the jealous type!!! LOL. It can lead up to some kinky situations!!!!
  10. oh god...i i my palms are just sweating a lil from...and my, blushing yeah i had a lil bit a wine...uh oh

  11. R U about to cum?

  12. Sounds to me like she already did!!lol
  13. I agree! I just can\'t find any one who likes me..........

  14. Poor Bud Head..........Sorry you cant find anyone. I like you or maybe its from the head injury I got at work tonight. I look so beautiful with 12 stitches on the side of my head plus they had to shave that area!!!!!!
  15. What happened to you sweetness? I hope nothing serious!
  16. Ok, I swear I didnt do any drugs today but after running around doing all I had to do with my babies, I drop my pen. Well, I didnt see the wet spot of baby pee on the floor and busted my head wide open on the side of the table when I fell. Why I have to wear this slippery shoe covers I\'ll never know. The pain hasnt kicked in yet but I have a pretty nice sized gash on my head and no hair there anymore. But I think my hair is long enough to try and cover where they shaved. I shall never live this down at work!!!!!!!!

  17. with someone other than themselves even.....

  18. never did understand the footies....I think it\'s cheap hospitals using their staff as moving dustmops....

    hope your head is ok.....ow fuck ow...there, I sympathized with ya!

    sounds like a good reason to get stoned....hmm...will have to add concussion to my list of reasons to get stoned!

    Seriously, hope your noggin is otay!
  19. ^^^^^^^^ditto^^^^^^^^
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