Can some one explain to me the difference in seed types

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  1. Ok can someone tell me what the difference between Regular seeds and Autoflowering types. Is it just a time difference, say i got a White Widow plant and a WW Autoflower plant will they be almost the same type of strain and smoke. I know i want to get a low ryder strain to fill in the gaps of my regular growing plants but if you could please explain to me the major differences if any?
  2. stay away from auto flower they have a loss of potency. they are a plant that will start to flower on its own, meaning you dont decide, it usually happens around day 30 i believe
  3. Regular seeds are just that, regular. You get males and females from them. Feminized obviously almost all females. Autoflowers are different. They have ruderalis mixed into their gene pool. Which is what causes the auto flowering trait. I wouldn't think the regular White Widow would be the same as the Autoflower strain since it's genetic makeup is different. They might be similar in taste and smell, but they will have differences. It's the same as getting the White Widow from 2 different breeders. They might be similar but are not the exact same thing.

    Autoflowers will start to flower all by themselves without switching the lights. Most of them I think will finish in around 70 days from seed. Nice thing is, Most breeders will tell you to give them 18/6 throughout their entire life cycle. If you grow outside you could essentially have a harvest in the middle of summer while waiting for your regular strains to finish in the fall. Space them about a month apart and you could have multiple harvests throughout the summer and have the one big one in the fall.

    Hope this helps!:wave:
  4. Thanks for the help guys so from all the feed back i have decided to order a couple lowryders to fill in the gaps while i wait for the big harvest in the fall thanks for all the information guys your all wonderfull and a great help:)

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