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Can smoking worsen my SA ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by byllistic, Jan 8, 2013.

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    I have many mental conditions, including social anxiety, depression, ocd, etc. More than 1 psychologist has confirmed i have them so im not just making it up. Anyway, i was hoping to medicate myself and treat my symptoms because no other treatments have worked, but i read on the internet that smoking marijuana can cause / make social anxiety worse in the long run? I wouldn't care if it only makes it worse while im high but i dont want to smoke if it will have lasting affects after the high has worn off.

    Will smoking cause anxiety or other problems to worsen in the long run?

    Thanks !
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    Personally its all about you. Only you can control it only you.

    With that said. Try it.

    Sometimes I get nervous before I smoke only because good weed can be overwhelming, so prepare and partake

    I think it would help IF you did it in a healthier way then normal smokers ie( edibles only) or vape only etc. Treat it like its medicine, and results may or may not change.. its what you believe

    My new favorite is "snap" bowls

    I can literally take 1-2 hits and feel so amazing. try it :)

  3. yea ive smoked before and ive been smoking for about a year and when im high i am sort of paranoid but im not really worried about that lol :p im just wondering if like smoking will affect me in long term even when im not high anymore because i dont want to worsen my problems. If it will have no affect on me long term then i will continue to smoke.
  4. How did you feel when you most recently smoked?

    When was your last tbreak?

  5. well the last time i smoked i hotboxed with some friends in my friends car and when i was high it was fine but the next day my social anxiety and everything was still there, i dont know if it is worse or but its still there :O and this was on new years eve like a week ago
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    Yeah smoking weed everyday certainly caused a lot of social anxiety for me, as long as you take a few days off each week you should be fine. But yeah that's pretty much the main negative effect weed has had on me, that's just me of course we might all be different.

    Edit: Just to be clear if I take a few days off weed my social anxiety disappears pretty much.
  7. Personally I get reallllllly high when out in public smoking

    When I smoke in my room its definitely way less stressful

    Although I do get higher in public

    Hotbox = stoners Paradise

    Hotbox = stoners deathtrap

    Hotbox = paranoia
  8. haha I just remembered one time me and my friends were hotboxing in a car outside my friends uncles house where we were staying for the weekend. Let's just say weed wasn't the only thing we had done that night, anyways one of the neighbours called the cops on us thinking we were planning a robbery or some shit. We were going hard pipe hit after pipe hit after pipe hit, all of a sudden we see sirens behind us and they shine a torch in the car and all you can see from the torch light was just vast amounts of smoke they came and opened the door and everything smoke poured out and started talking to my mate in the drivers seat. Incredibly they were really cool and pretended they hadn't seen anything we explained we were staying there and they just drove off even though they almost definitely knew what we were doing. Anyway in the mental state we were in it was a lot like mental torture my friend who's car it was had a pretty bad anxiety attack and was pretty traumatised by the whole thing. Anyways sorry for that just felt like sharing lol
  9. haha i would die if i saw sirens behind me while high:p

    So smoking wont have any long term affects? like it wont permanently or semi permanently change anything for me? Like i dont care if it makes me more nervous when im high, just permanent affects is what is a no no for me hahaha
  10. Its functional jewelry for the mind
  11. I keep reading these scary posts about how weed can permanantly make sa worse, can anybody give me answers?? I want to smoke so bad but i dont want to risk worsening my anxiety :(
  12. Hey Bro post a pic of the weed your about to smoke.

    If its nice then you will receive positive feedback, thus making you want to.toke

  13. Ive posted a thread about it and gotten good feedback ( and ive already smoked some, im just talking bigger picture as in like if i keep smoking i dont want to mess anything up :O

  14. Too true
  15. I honestly wouldn't think it makes it permanently worse like I say a few days off weed and I'm back to normal, also you don't sound like your smoking anywhere near enough to have permanent effects.
  16. I have the worst social anxiety you can possibly imagine and honestly weed has helped me alot in the long run. When I get high I get in such a great mood and can't stop talking. I also have noticed recently that my anxiety is actually improving ever since I started smoking more.

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