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can smoking weed regularly cause permanent brain damage?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hello again, May 17, 2006.

  1. My friend was telling me he went to the doctor because his memory is horrible and he told the doctor he smokes weed regularly (4-10 time a day, everyday). The doctor said his brain is detoriorating because of the weed. WTF i know it can impair you memory temperarorly and while all the THC is in your bloodstream, but can it leave permanent damage to the brain?! if so im gonna stop blazing daily. I thought your memory comes back after u stop for a month or so?!
  2. No. He's full of shit. Weed has helped my long term memory. Sure I forget thigns when I get high, but once it wears off and teh comedown is over I'm fine.
  3. Yes, weed does harm your brain, if you smoke alot for years your brain DOES get damaged. Go do soe research with google, flame me all you want but weed will damage your brain. Don't get me wrong I love weed too but I am just stating facts.
  4. No permanent damage, only temporary loss of memory, your brain doesn't deteriorate, in fact i would say that it expands your brain. Keep tokin' :smoke:
  5. Lets put it this way. Even if it DOES fuck with my short term memory, I dont care. Its worth it to smoke if thats all I lose.
  6. Marijuana is also a gateway drug, which can lead to things such as acid, heroine, and even further... murder.
  7. And the worst of them all MUNCHIES

  8. I have to disagree to that one. If anything, I'm gonna have to say alcohol and tobacco is the main gateway drug.
  9. how about this, never smoke again

    now as for the question your asking.
    put it this way weed kills short term memory only cause they arent "strong" memories. my principal was telling me this...
    weed blocks the synapsis (w/e the fuck that means) and then after a while it gets cleaned out. also this is why there is a tolerance to weed nd why people start to get really retarded after smoking for a really long time.

    ask any smoker.... 3 years ago to them literally seems like last night.

    idk man im just really high:smoke:
  10. I think it was a joke smart guy
  11. Yeah, which is why I have 20 dead bodies in my basement, I killed em all while i was on above mentioned drugs.....:D
  12. I think it damages your brain for about 3 or 4 days after you get high... then you become normal...That happens with me.... I blaze, in the next couple of days Im a retarted, I can´t think , I can´t solve problems , but after that I get normal and Marijuanna DOESN´T lead to harder drugs such as heroin or cocaine.. Im not saying that I won´t try.. and murder? Camon.....

    Toke on mates....

  13. If your getting baked out of your mind all day everyday that cant be too good for your dome... but if you just keep it under control and take tolerance breaks once in a while thers no harm
  14. Well this could be proof that marijuana damages some part of the brain.... I don't think that joke could have been any more obvious without having Tommy Chong be the one to say it. Those two are quick on the uptake ;)

    But to those who thought i was serious, sorry if you actually believed me... I thought the murder part would have been sure to tip off that it was a joke!!!
  15. hahah of course it has permanent damage on your brain!! just like any other god damn drug. these people who say it doesnt are just to opimistic, face the facts dudes.
  16. I will put up a reward if any of you can show me rock solid proof that weed causes permenent brain damage. I have been smoking almost everyday for about 2 years and I have a 128 IQ, now tell me that my brain is damaged. I mean that sounds like something you learned in D.A.R.E.. WTF
  17. Legitemate scientific research has showed that cannabis actually spurs brain cell developement. So all of that "it causes brain damage" bullshit isn't true
  18. uh dude, age causes brain damage too. some things you just have to face. when i started smoking, i never had any memory problems, but after a while, i started forgetting things. then again i have fucked up nerves and am always under a lot of stress. just toke on dude, it wont kill you, plus being just a little stupid isnt that bad of a thing anyways lol.
  19. will you please explain to me the so called facts that I need to face. No you won't cause your just talkin shit, most if not all drugs are not going to cause any permanent long term damage, as long as used in moderation. Any subtance on earth will cause permanent damage if you don't exhibit a little self control. come back when you know what you are talking about. NEXT PLEASE
  20. Certain cannabinoids have been proven to promote neurogenesis in the brain. I have never read a rock solid report on how THC and cannabinoids cause long-term damage to the brain, and I think if it did, we would know, because everyone from the 70's wouldnt be able to speak and would drool all over themselves.
    And there are millions of things that people consume every day that kill braincells, this is not to say that they cause longterm damage. Braincells grow back, and your brain naturally eliminates braincells that it doesnt use.

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