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Can smoking weed fuck up your lungs and cause bronchitis in the long run?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thacapn420, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. so i stumbled upon shitload of pages looking for LSD facts when i keep seeing "marijuana smoking harmful for respiratory system, can cause effects same as tobacco, bronchitis, lung cancer, etc
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    I'm pretty sure that's just propaganda. Not to mention they're insinuating weed has similar effects on health as tobacco in the first place.
  3. kinda paranoid yo, ya know? thanks bro, also do ya know the real long term effects of lsd and molly? curious
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    Back in my day with Lucy it was actually made by chemists and was always good.
    Molly was past my time. Did it once but that was because it bored me because of all my past life experiences.
    These days I wouldn't trust anything chemical because everyone thinks they can do it cuz they read it on the interwebz.
    One thing about Lucy that I do know based on some weaker minded friends experiences is that profound revalations and experiences can stick in your mind.
    I danced with Lucy many, many times and have never had a flashback. Everyone else I know that attended those dances with me claim to have had a few but I call bullshit on that. The human mind is a powerful thing.
    My advice is stay natural and avoid chemicals these days.
  5. The internet is a big place with a lot of information, my advice would be to go through it thoroughly if you are serious and come to your own conclusion...Remember, they used to have studies that showed smoking cigarettes helped with tuberculosis and other lung conditions.
    Information at the onset is most often wrong. :cool:
  6. Smoking anything can cause bronchitis if you are prone to it in the first place.  Vaporizing or using edibles negate all of those concerns.
    There is indication that cannabis my help prevent lung cancer.
    Molly (E, MDMA) is probably not bad as an occasional thing, as long as you keep well hydrated.  But long term use can be bad news. After a few rolls in short succession your body is basically empty of serotonin and it takes a while to build back up to normal levels.  Doing that long term could have lasting effects like severe depression and anxiety.
  7. so mdma and acid dont actually fuck you up in the long run? are they on the same level of weed
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    Not even close molly and lucy can fuck you right up in the mind for the period of the high(they are hallucinogens), grass is much more cerebral and normally you don't see things that potentially don't exist.
    Never compare grass to anything else as they are all man made and grass is natural.
    Either can trigger undiagnosed (or diagnosed I suppose) conditions that can be problematic or even life threatening. Heart problems and or psychosis being the two most likely, I would think.

    (PSA: I am not an expert on anything.  This is just my opinion.)
  10. okay look like ill stick to my bud till im 80 lol guess i wanted to try sumtin new
  11. ^Dude just read up on them on erowid, don't come here for advice on other drugs, people here don't know what they're talking about.
  12. Personally, if I could be assure of getting pure/true MDMA, I would love to try it once.  Maybe a couple times a year even.  I read up on it a lot when my kids were at the age where their friends were doing it. As I said, the real deal is reasonably safe if you take care of yourself. (And/or have a safe person with you.)  The effect sounds wonderful.  Complete and total happiness.  All sensations are wonderful.  Sex would probably be mind blowing.
    But the crash on the other side can be rough.
    Hey, at least I admitted it.  :smoking:
  14. THC is a bronchial dilator, as opposed to nicotine which is a bronchial constrictor.

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