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Can smoking weed everyday for two years make you slow?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmokeUntilBroke, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Im wondering this, when I'm having conversations with people i think of things to say kind of slow. This is usually when im high, but I think it happens sometimes when im sober. I havent taken a tolerance break in a while lol
  2. You can't smoke weed everyday and expect it not to affect some things.

    Or maybe it's just you.
  3. Maybe its just you dude. I've been smoking everyday for the past year and I've had no problems.... the only time I have problems is when I've smoked to much and not slept enough so I feel burnt out. But that's about it.
  4. im smoked weed non stop for over 18 years, im healthy as ive ever been.

    true story
  5. Something along the lines of what Bill Hicks said. Weed doesn't make you slow. It just makes you realize there's no point in rushing things that don't need to be rushed :p
  6. I actually did better in high school the year I was high almost every day than every other previous year. So no, it doesn't make you slow. It's either: A; Placebo effect. B; You're naturally slow.

    That isn't to say you're stupid. I often have trouble finding the right words to say... which is why I speak much more eloquently on the computer. Everyone is different OP, but no, it is not because of your smoking habits.
  7. #7 Soccerguy420, Aug 5, 2011
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    Holy shit on the internet people can appear to be completely different than they are in real life.

    Such a silly highdea but kinda cool nnl.

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