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Can smoking weed cause facial discomfort?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by tokinchick, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone...

    I take Celexa (SSRI antidepressant) which I've read causes muscle clenching especially in the jaw. It seems like my face is uncomfortable a lot. For ages I went around with a mysterious sensation above my eyebrow and after many months of searching and wondering I figured out the sensation was muscular in nature.

    When I smoke weed, my face hurts worse. It's like my face is super tight or there is a lot of pressure in my face. I am wondering if weed makes facial tension/pain/muscle tightness worse?

    I would think that it would help the tension but maybe I'm wrong. Does anyone know?

  2. i think its just the weed and yer mind playing tricks on you at the same time...To make it simple and not scientifically mind means that when you smoke weed things tend to hurt alot for example if u you had a paper cut it would hurt like hell cus yer mind is receiving messages of extreme hurt.But in reality its the weed sending the info..i dont know if i hit the point on target,kinda,or not close but something like that lols:wave:
  3. I fucked myself up while high, didn't nearly hurt as much, unless you freak out about it.
  4. Sir_Jane I understand totally what you're saying -- that perceptions are sharpened when you're high so something that already hurts is going to hurt worse (just as something that is pleasurable will be more pleasurable). Makes perfect sense, thank you for bringing that to my attention :)
  5. Marijuana has been found to be an effective muscle relaxer. I use it for my colitis. It is the only thing that works for me.
  6. When weed is laced with Raid(insect killer) it can cause jaw clenching and pain. I know from experience someone smoked me up then when i complained about my jaw hurting he told me it was Raid.
  7. everyones different, it might be you, it might be the pot interacting with the ssri's, who knows. the important thing is if it hurts, don't do it.
  8. I dont know about any muscle tightening properties of cannabis, but perhaps your enhanced sensory perception is just making you more aware that your face is uncomfortable?
  9. Raid???

    Do they spray it on the plants when growing or what? That scares me. Now every time I smoke weed I am going to wonder if it's been sprayed with Raid. It sucks so much I can't get organic weed where I'm at, or at least can't find out if what I am smoking is organic or not.
  10. I have got that tightning feeling also.
  11. No I think it is sprayed on fully dryed/cured pot. It is used to fuck you up more which is retarded because it poisin.

  12. hell no who thinks that raid is dangerous:confused: i wouldnt even think of inhaling that stuff who knows what they put in those chemicals
  13. If someone sprays weed on your shit they are trying to poison you. Why fuck with weed?

    When I was on anti-depressants and smoked weed sometimes my jaw would 'spaz' and clench really bad. It hurt like hell for a few months.
  14. sometimes some real nice sativas will make my jaw and facial muscles tense because I can't stop smiling.
  15. Well... smoking could have escaladed the effects, or side effects in this case, of the pill without a doubt.

    Iv been on a few SSRIs (including Celexa, and Lexapro, which is similar to Celexa).

    I noticed that only when I took more than I was supposed to (don't ask lol) that I experienced Jaw Clenching. So I have to ask... what is your dosage?

    If so... maybe you should ask your doc to lower your dosage, otherwise... ask about Lexapro. People who usually have problems with Celexa find Lexapro to fix any problems they had.
  16. Hmm. I've been smoking on and off for 10+ years and I've noticed this effect on occasion. It seems more prevalent with low quality cannabis. Maybe all that carbon monoxide from smoking a greater volume is to blame. It never happened when I smoked cigarettes (maybe I was used to higher CO levels). Have you ever smelled raid? It smells like powerful shit chemicals. If you're pot smells like that, throw it away.
  17. Hi Angela,

    I too have this issue.

    When I smoke my entire face/head becomes tense. It causes pain in my neck, but I can feel my whole face and head tightening.The pain in the neck area becomes almost unbearable.

    I do have neck/spine issues. I believe it is a response similar to TMD / TMJ (jaw grinding, clenching). TMD seems to be anxiety driven at least in part.

    People with anxiety issues may be triggered like this from weed. Focused relaxation can sometimes help me. Other times I think I will have to stop smoking entirely.


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    I never really big issues, but a couple years ago I took Zoloft/Sertraline(one of the worst SSRI's), and that shit fucked me up big time. Like it caused a severe case of acne and I still have scarring from it, among other issues including drug dependence to it and other prescrip medications, worsened PTSD, daily nosebleeds multiple times a day, muscle tension, and a bunch of other bad side effects. SSRI's also change your entire neurochemistry and biology, affecting every part of your life so while it may be the ganja, it may also be your meds.
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