Can smoking out of an aluminum foil bowl give you a seizure?

Discussion in 'General' started by ericsnow, Sep 23, 2010.

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  1. Last night I smoked out of the same aluminum foil bowl I've been using the last 20 or so smoke ups. I either got a twitch that was around 2 or 3x as strong as a normal twitch or a mini seizure that lasted a split second. I'm not sure which it was.
  2. I dunno man but i dont think it can be good for you.

    Just buy a glass bowl for like $15 man
  3. Seizure should be the least of your worries.

    You should worry about cancer and stuff.
  4. oh no, not a tinner!
  5. Why don't you just inhale burning plastic instead. It'll get you cancer easier.
  6. Ehh one of my co-workers smokes out of a aluminum foil pipe every day, for the past 2 years. he seems to be okay.

    But would I ever do it? Hell no.
  7. Hell, go to a smoke shop and get a corncob pipe for 5 bucks. Foil is a last resort. On top of that preburn the foil so the chemicals burn off, you'll see a distint smoke come from foil, it's really white.

    You didn't get a seizure from smokin foil though, I get strong twitches when I smoke sometime.
  8. Holy shit your right, I just tried to see what would happen and a lot of white smoke came out. That's nasty.
  9. So I have nothing to worry about and what I felt in my neck was just a major twitch?
  10. 20 smoke ups? I'm no doctor but I'd say stop now hun
  11. So you're saying I shouldn't have smoked out of the same bowl 20 times and I should make a new one every few times I smoke?

  12. No I'm saying I don't know anyone who uses aluminum foil as a primary way to smoke lol...its like backup...for a day...dosent it just feel wrong to be inhaling it? I felt like I was literally killing my body...and that was one did 20..just go out and buy something...its worth it
  13. what we are saying is to spend CLOSE TO NOTHING for many many reasons.

    find a shop close to you, even some convenience stores have bongs and pipes. search google or ask around.

    but if u still cant buy a glass or acrylic somking device.
    using a apple. just stab it was like a pen right where the stem is(the hole) then again on the side connecting it to the other line making L shape. search how to make apple pipe.

    or use a cucumber or something else brah
  14. [ame=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

    ^^^ that is close to scum of the earth status. geez how dumb can you get bahahaha
  16. Highlight the words aluminum foil in your post and click on the magnifying glass. Plenty of threads about this already in the correct forum. ;)
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