Can smoking marijuana cause cavities

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  1. I don't know the affects of marijuana smoke and teeth. I realize that any smoke can cause yellow teeth and what not, but are there any serious issues like cavities forming or tooth decay from bud? I do know that ciggerete smoke can rot your teeth but thats cigarettes which are gross. Would vaporizing be better?
  2. brush your teeth twice a day. and you'll be fine.
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  3. No.

    And you are making broad overstatements about smoke because when cannabis is burned it goes back to the material it once was...water and plant sugar. Chemical process is the reverse of photosynthesis called cellular respiration.

    If anything cannabis smoke enhances enamel, however eating junk food is still the culprit for poor health.
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  4. What are you talking about? Burning cannabis or any plant matter does not return it to water and sugar, most of it is converted to gasses and char (carbon). Burning something and cellular respiration are both combustion reactions, true, but these are still totally different processes with different end products.

    And do you have some evidence or at least an explanation on how cannabis smoke would enhance tooth enamel?

    There are a few studies linking dental decay and/or gum disease to marijuana smokers, but I would bet that most of the issues would be more accurately linked to sugary foods and drinks and/and poor dental hygiene. Another possible factor is cottonmouth. Dry mouth is strongly associated with tooth decay, and is the reason that a lot of both medicinal and recreational drugs can cause dental issues in some people.

    So to answer the original question: maybe. However, most of this risk can probably be mitigated or avoided with good oral hygiene, plentiful hydration (with water, not soda, etc.), and keeping your sugar intake in check.

    Cannabis Smoking and Periodontal Disease Among Young Adults
  5. Dehydration synthesis would allow for the cannabis to deliver the loss of water to the strengthening of saliva. Dry mouth is a hassle, however having proper nutrients in your bloodstream is all the body naturally needs. Chlorophyll counts, even when combusted.

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