Can smoking bowls of smaller quantities get you more?

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  1. Example: let's say I had 6 grams and a bong, if i smoked 6 bowls with only 1 gram in each bowl woIld i get higher than if I smoked 2 bowls with 3 gram in each bowl.

    The reason I'm asking is because with smaller bowls you tend to waste less weed than you would with larger ones.
  2. Bigger hits get you higher if you load up .5 and smoke it in a few really big hits you would get higher than if you smoked a gram in small hits imo. Also if you can hit 3 grams in a bowl that thing must be huge.
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  3. personally i feel more satisfied from 2 - 3 small hits than 1 huge hit
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  4. That's right. If you really want to conserve, take 1 hit snaps. You get fresh green with every hit and no waste. The only downside is that you have to load the bowl with every hit.
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  5. Yeah, but that one HUGE hit fucks ya up big time. Think of concentrates, smaller dabs at 80% THC fuck you up, but bigger dabs at the same amount, fuck you up bigger, IMHO.
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  6. I like that some times as well.
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  7. one huge hit then a couple small ones might be the best of both worlds :smoke:
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  8. That works.
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    Omgosh I just read all that stuff I wrote and I'm gonna just edit that and say ''big hits get you more stoned, but you probably stay stoned longer, smoking it in smaller bowls, because once it's toasted - it's toasted.
  10. There is an element a lot of people seem to forget about in this argument. People say a lot that packing a huge bowl and only burning some of it wastes the bud because it keeps burning after you hit it. Simple solution, put a coin or something to snuff the weed on top of it to stop it from burning.

    In my opinion, I think it depends more on HOW you toke than how big of a toke you take.

    For example, if you're the type to pause before exhaling, a larger hit would probably get you more stoned if you take two, smaller, "half sized" hits. However, if you're the type to immediately exhale after hitting the bowl, then maybe two smaller hits would suit you better.

    Just an un-tested theory, though.
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  11. I think most definitely a larger lungful of denser smoke creates a stronger difference between the blood-soluble stuff in the smoke, and the blood itself, which - you know generally in running with the laws of chemistry, the higher the concentration, and the more of something, the more transfer into something it's soluble into, over a given period of time.
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  12. Leaving smoldering product in a bowl seems to be an American thing.

    Its all one hit and reload here.

    I recon its whatever the amount your comfortable with and im more comfortable with smaller hits.. Stale smoke is nasty and is a waste when blown out if not cleared in the hit and who wants to have a coughing fit?
    Maybe multiple hits gives you more of a rolling stone? If having a session with a few friends it can take 5 to 10mins for the packer to get back to you..maybe this causes a rolling stone effect as the session could last 30 min or more.
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  13. Personally I take decent rips, I would say medium sized.. but I usually don't cash the bowl, I will take a hit or two, snuff it out with my thumb over the bowl and set it down, game a little or whatever then fire it back up when needed... rinse and repeat until cashed. Also if its a bigger bowl, even if I'm alone, I will burn sections of the bowl at a time so every other hit or few hits you get a fresh green hit (most people do this in groups to allow everyone to get a taste of the green).
  14. Thats because here in 'Merica we have a culture that forms around excess and wastefulness.. something I'm trying to separate myself from...
  15. You havent got the monopoly on
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  16. We do it differently

    One of the people in the session will pack and pass. (The Packer- generally the owner of the home) He packs the cone (u call em a bowl) and passes the loaded bong to the first person. They rip it, clear the chamber (one hit) and pass the bong back to the packer. Packer makes sure the bong is clear of smoke, cone is clear and repacks and passes the bong to the next person. And repeat ..

    A good packer moves at the same speed..neither fast nor slow. Knows how everyone likes their cone (some like em densely packed others smaller and loser.) and keeps the cone hole clean for a nice pull. If the people are struggling to pull the cone then its a bad packer.

    This system is social and makes sure everyone has good clean smoke. It also puts one person in charge of a functioning bong and makes sure the product is shared out evenly. (well as evenly as it can be)
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