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Can shitty weed make you sick?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by forksandspoons, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. So I recently ran out of my good shit, and cant get any more for a few weeks. The only stuff I was able to get my hands on was an 8th of dirt for 15 bucks. I figured Id try it and hope it would hold me over. I just smoked some out of my bong, and started to feel a little relaxed. But all of the sudden I felt like vomiting. I walked to the bathroom, not thinking I was actually going to, and as soon as I saw the toilet, I just started spewing. After I finished, I felt fine again. Is that normal? Ive been smoking on and off for about a year with mids/dank, and never had this problem.
  2. I suppose a super fatass hit of some nasty tasting dirt weed could make you gag and hurl, but in general that isn't normal
  3. Chemicals - Crap environment - Cheap labor

    Yeah, getting sick could happen.
  4. HELL YES!!!! smoked before school the other day, some of the shittiest weed i ever smoked and i was on the verge of throwing up most of the time i was high.
  5. yeah it can, i wouldnt worry as long as youre not sick again.. just dont buy that shit again
  6. Possibly mold??

    Also don't smoke regs through a bong it's nasty, and probably COULD possibly make you gag. Just roll it or pipe it and always fatttt.
  7. I can't EVER smoke shwag man. My throat ends up hurting and so does my head.

    But I've never thrown up after smoking just a little.

    One time I smoked like an eighth of dank (not shwag) in like 30 minutes with one of my friends. Blew all kinds of chunks... But that's not really related lol
  8. Ganjganj why can't you smoke regs through a bong IMO it's the only way besides joint or blunt, the bong will make those nasty regs taste better...
  9. you guys are sensitive :laughing:

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