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can roots grow back? (help!)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by BlazinBlunts420, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. ok so i have 1 plant outside about 1 week old (was only like a inch and half tall) and a storm came through last night and ripped it up

    well i found it and its in good condition just no roots

    i was wondering if i planted the stem back in the ground would the roots regrow? or is it just fucked?

    this probably sounds retarded lol...

  2. In my experience the plant is probably snaked beyond repair(no root at all, right?), but I also don't maintain my plants in a world-class way either... I don't do much special, so this is definitely just my 2 cents.
  3. I searched the web a bit to find you a more conclusive answer(I have OCD I hate leaving corners uncut) and I found this.

    "For most plants, not just marijuana... If it is not in the flowering phase, you can grow new roots with a fresh 45 degree cut, properly using rooting hormone and keeping it under 23-24 hr/day light. You will have to keep humility high until roots develop and plant is moved into new soil. If it is in the flower phase already you will have a hard time getting it to root, but it is possible. However, the plant will revert back into veg state because of having to keep it under 24 hour light and you will have to start the flowering process over again."

    props to "Wayne"
  4. It might just be better to plant a new seed considering its only a week old, but if its looking good bring it inside in a sterile environment and plant it like you would a clone. Marijuana has the ability to grow new roots, but a week old plant probably won't fare well. Best of luck either way.
  5. alright thanks alot guys appreciate it

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