can ppl change???

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  1. do you think ppl can change who they are??? or that what you are is what you are and that your stuck like that???

    do you think change is possible? and whether or not we as humans can choose whether or not when it should occur??
  2. Yes, as is evidenced by the many people who have done so.
  3. The question shouldnt be whether or not people can change, the question should be whether or not they have the will to change.
  4. but is it just naturally? does like something need to happen that affects there way of thinking? or can they just choose to? [even tho they still think that there old way of thinking was rite...]
  5. They can just choose too, as many have done. Others require a major event to happen in order to do so. It is not a requirement, though.
  6. change in lifestyle, personality, outlook on life, change in heart, etc...its entirely possible.

    i dont think the problem is the ability to change, but rather the desire to change, like roach mentioned.

  7. we change all the time.

    its not a question of either or, can we or cant we. there are aspects that change readily even rapidly, then there are other aspects that change so slowly that they seem fixed. nothing is fixed. all are animate if only we look for long enough or with sufficient accuracy.
  8. absoutley positively
  9. I'm a different person now than I was this morning. That's change. Change is progress.
  10. Change is everywhere, even as I type these words. Even as you read these words. As they enter your brain, sparking neurons here and there. Your life is changing, within and without you.

    Now, is this the change you all so wanted? Are you directing the change, or is the change directing you?

    I am change. You should be too.
  11. Nothing stays the same.
  12. Nothing can stay the same or remain a constant forever.

    Don't hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
  13. Not even that does.
  14. Generally speaking, yes and no. It all depends upon the person :)

    (And that was a perfect non-answer, but still valid :p )
  15. Earth only has about 5 billion years left. We're the mid-life crisis hah.
  16. I heard (on the movie waking life) that over the time span of 7 years all of the cells in our body have died, and been replaced with new cells. So if this is true, we are technically different people (physically) at least every 7 years.

    If you are talking about mental changes, then you are probably thinking about changing the brain patterns.

    This is harder than it sounds, because like anything the pathways in your brain get stronger as they are used, so it becomes very likely that you will continue to use the same pathways, rather than fighting an uphill battle of exploring new ones.

    This isn't to say it isn't possible... I feel as though it is something that somebody has to learn how to do though.. and not everybody chooses to do 'mental aerobics'.
  17. Was quoting my favorite band actually.
  18. The Buddha say that we change every second. You are a different person now then you were when you started reading this post and different then you will be when you finish. Change is the only constant.
  19. of course we can just have to wwant to change and have the will to change....

    As a Man Thinketh by James Allen is a good quick read about this and will really enlighten you

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