Can plants feel your vibes?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Sanez, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Was spending a bunch of time with my plants and wondering, can they feel and respond to your presence and good vibes?

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  2. Yes they can many study's back it up. I had a buddy in Cali with three grow houses with thousands of plants and he would talk to every single one every day worked very well
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  3. Thousands of plants, damn that's a lot of company. Anyone got some studies to share?

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  4. I play motzart to my plants

    I hate fucking Motzart

    the plants love it I say its them vibes

    maybe sounds like morning to the plants

    good luck
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  5. I talk to mine and try to show them respect. We need one another to survive and its a long journey with tight quarters.

    Never played them music, just the hum of the fans. Its so tranquil it about puts me to sleep.
  6. You don't think the light, water and food he was giving them was a factor in their growth?
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  7. Could have been.
  8. I think they feel your vibes I've treated them like I would treat myself and played music with good vibes that I listen to for some reason my plants love old kayne

    Keep Calm and Smoke On
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  9. its all in your atitude

    if you can accept the fact that plants

    have been on the earth MILLIONS of years before man

    and are obviously way ahead of mammals and man in many respects

    shit it was only a few years ago when dumbass man

    'discovered' that fungi are plants phone/ communication system

    the arrogance of man has no bounds

    and thats not being anthromorphic either

    so hows ur Myconzai ?
  10. Take this any way you wish, there is a famous custom pool cue maker ( DPK ) that wrote a book and in the book he says he can hear the wood scream as he is turning it .
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  11. To their surprise, the silent greenhouse performed poorest, producing lower biomass and smaller pea pods than the other two. Although there was no difference in plant quality between the nice greenhouse and the mean greenhouse, the soundtracks seemed to produce a positive effect in both.
    Finding: PLAUSIBLE
  12. I was actually going to mention the Mythbusters episode.

    Here is my thought, if you are one to speak and try to send positive vibes to your plants, you are probably one who is paying closer attention to how they grow and the cues they are showing for their needs, and are more likely to address these things and take the effort to most effectively provide the best environment for the plants.

    If you spend time with someone/something, you probably care about it, if you care about, you're probably trying to do the best you possibly could and learn how to better do that, which is something a lot of people really don't do. Effort and attention, makes a whole lot of difference, especially in gardening.

    On the Mythbusters episode, they used recordings. And what they found was, the plants that had heavy metal playing, preformed the best, at the end of the test. Now, best in the sense of yield, not quality, I'm pretty sure quality was unaffected.

    Now, what I would assume from this, is something about the frequencies/vibrations, is beneficial to plants and certain frequencies/vibrations are better than others.

    Or, the experiment was too low of a scale and had to many variables, and was not repeated enough, to show anything conclusively suggestive.
  13. You have to realize Mythbusters is produced for entertainment purposes. The results are far from good science. This experiment was filled with flaws and inconsistencies when it comes to horticultural trial growing, this proves nothing.

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  14. I think it's possible
  15. Bet your ass they do.

    So don’t worry


    Be happy :apache:
  16. The higher I am, the better my plants feel. I know because I asked them and they told me. So that's pretty much that.
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  17. Science has found that when you burn a living plant, it screams in pain. Also, study's have also shown that plants do communicate with each other.

    My wife claims that when she walks by our house plants, they sometimes talk to her
    (More specifically, they tell her they are thirsty).

    I always talk to my plants. I tell them how good they are growing and that I love them. I also explain that they are here for a purpose (to help my physical pain and mental state) and that when they physically die, their spirit will live on.

    Having said all that (and no, I'm not high, I'm at work), this all borders on the much higher question of "spirituality." (Not to be confused with Religion)

    I truly believe that we are ALL connected (plants included) in some way.

    Maybe it has something to do with the "Spirit Molecule".....

    "Potentially every living organism in the world has Dimethyltryptamin (DMT) in it. Potentially. Every organism has tryptophan, which is where it comes from. And if that’s the case, this New Age idea of being fully connected holds true, that we really are connected by this one simple molecule. And it could be this common molecular language that we really could communicate or create with"

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  18. Sure they can, the whole earth is alive and aware in some way/shape/form because if it wasn't, you wouldn't be.
  19. Look into Cymatics= where they put sand on a vibrating plate and used Sanskrit sounds to make the shape of the Sanskrit letter appear in the sand by vibrating the sound of the letter through a crystal into the plate... how the letter was shaped appeared on the plate! shows how the original language accessed a different part than our brains ETC... also shows how there is different communication going on @ Frequencies

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