Can Pills Go Bad?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr. Bunglesmith, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. So in my house there is this bottle of Darvocet, and the bottle says it should not be used after 2003. Obviuosly, it's no longer 2003, and I was wondering if they can actually go bad? Or is that just a way to discourage recreational use? I took some vicodin the other day, and found out later it "expired" in 2004, but nothing happened to me. So yea, just wondering...any answers would be appreciated.
  2. they will lose their chemical reactions and just go bad. i dont think they could really fuck up your health but they probably either wont work as good or just make you vomit.
  3. i know they can oxidize and crack it left in the air but i donno about effects.
  4. no there fine, they have a very long shelf life, if, left in a dark cool place. and in a sealed bottle
  5. They've been sitting in the back of a cabinet in the original bottle since they were given. Never even touched judging by how many were in there.
  6. They don't go bad, as in going to hurt you bad. They just lose there potentcy.
  7. qft...

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