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Can people really tell the future?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by alicedee07, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Well, no one cares.
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    Depends on timezone.. lol.

    Anyways.. times a trip, but In the bigger picture = destination unknown. :smoke:

    "Ohhhh, what a long strange trip it's been" - Grateful Dead

    We're all just cosmonauts traveling through the 4th dimension encapsulated by our spaceship, mother earth (and our bodies)..

  3. this exact thing happens to me all the time. wtf is this? its so freaky. I have deja Vu all the time because of it. i can't even count how many times it has happened
  4. I read some stuff and went to a lecture about this stuff called Life between life.

    Using hypnotherapy the patient enters a state in which their subconscious can play back their past lives. Through this practise people went even further back or deeper if you will into what happens between lives.

    According to this not so small group of people who practise this our souls 'us' pre plan our lives and major events in them but we do not plan the rest.

    Ah fuck why am i writing this its got nothing to do with seeing the future, well it kinda does ahh whatever.

    Time isn't ridgid, like light it can be bent slips can occur, I might think that we have already experienced all our lives but we are re-living this particular one because we need to learn a vital lesson from it which we havent before, Or certain people are re-living the life whilst others are experiencing it for the 1st time.
    This could mean that people re-living this life might be able to tap into their subconscious and remember what happened, therefore remembering what will happen.

    I myself believe that we as humans have the capability of seeing the future, probabaly because I've had dreams where i saw into the future through a distorted view, the most powerful one being when I saw my exam results and they were 100% true.

    The universe for me is a dance. A dance so complicated but so simple at the same time, yin yang being a description of the simpleness and our minds needing to know Why? causing the complicatedness.

    It could be that everything is preplanned and made up both at the same time. It seems like this duality is the paradox like in the darkest of yin there is yang, as ~Steven Hawking said "nothing is perfect"
  5. Perhaps the truth of the moment comes of the group narrative that is held, and forms a psycho-coherent vibration:smoke: creating a little peace...
  6. Maybe we preplanned it along long time ago...all of it...
    I mean think about it....maybe at some point in our infinite past lives we were able to plan it all...we saw the pattern to life...and found one of the many paths to follow that was good...
  7. Interesting... this reminds me of this song:


    As if our satellites are all trying to program the same coordinates, but some get a fuzzy/static frequency..
  8. But what is the satellite?
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    Your eyes/mind. The point of the song is that we're just antennas constantly receiving frequencies. Once you understand this relationship, you start to see the unity in the universe because we can't receive the frequencies without being connected to the right channel. It's all a reflective process between the Central Nervous System and waves of vibrating energy that's all made possible by consciousness. Without being connected to the same reality as the waves, you wouldn't be able to perceive it.
  10. Nature of Evil
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    but because it isn't linear doesn't mean it is an equilateral triangle..
    it could be skewed towards the past..

    but maybe you're right.. we do live our lives revolving around what could happen and shit!! it may be all equal, who knows..

    A student studies for a future test.
    it works on many deeper levels than that, as well.

    We should live more in the moment I believe.
    But this almost seems like you should enjoy yourself while you can.. so maybe the idea of a positive future is what you should orient your moment to moment actions.
    because we don't have a good future ahead of us if the world continues as it does..
    We are being controlled and are wage slaves. We can't just "live in the moment" without thinking about the future.
    well you can but you shouldn't is my point.
    ahh, i doubt it..
    i doubt i planned to commit such atrocities.. I disgrace myself.
    this is the first time i've experienced this Ego of my Essence. And who knows, maybe my Essence has been in past lives.
    Or maybe my energy will fade insignificantly into reality, and nothing is contained (such as a soul). maybe no reincarnation.
    I just believe this is the first time I've been exposed to this Ego.
    considering how many people are unaware and hate their lives/selves or love a lie.. this quote seems very unlikely!!
    my belief.
  12. I would think we were connected to all channels at all times...
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    In a broad sense, absolutely (as in objective reality is all one giant channel we're all tuned into).. but on a personal level, not so much. The atheist has his channel, the christian has theirs etc.
  14. every moment is a first experience, similar to something in the past yet not the same.
  15. Perhaps we can become "so much" personally...with practice.
  16. I'm doubtful, but I still have hope for humanity.
  17. Maybe everything is inevitable...everything that is possible...whatever that is...

    If the all-mind doesn't tune into it...then it doesn't need to yet...we don't want to...
  18. looking to the past, it would seem inevitable. But looking to the future, I think anything is possible. It comes down to quantum awareness.

    To pinpoint a specific action for the future relies heavily on hope and not fact.
  19. take deck and shuffle and deal until the end of time... eventually you will deal out all card in sequence...
  20. No you can't. It's all a numbers game predicting stuff in the future, you may
    Or may not get lucky.

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