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can people fuck with scales to rip you off?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tastytrichomes, Aug 3, 2012.

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    my girlfriend got me a dub, supposedly weighed out in front of her as a full gram on a scale. now, i'd believe it, except for the fact that it looks kind of tiny. maybe it's dense as hell? smells nice at least. i've gotten dimes that SEEMED like this size, though. so my question is, can someone fuck with a scale to give you an improper measurement? this "dub" doesn't look too big for 1.0 g



    container is kinda small btw

    edit... holy shit this stuff is sticky, will not break up easy at all
  2. Looks like a dime to me bro.
  3. Scales are Binary. Binary is just basically two digit codes 0 and 1.

    If your sister knows someone who's good at that shit, then it's possible. But the odds are that she doesn't :p

    To answer your question, yes you can "fuck with scales" to lower actual numbers and stuff, but it's unlikely to meet someone who can do such things with such cheap interfaces and lines of code.
  4. Your girlfriend skimped you hahaha
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  5. Well if the battery is low it could read less maybe but yeah weight can vary dep on the scale how they way it in a cup or just on the scale
  6. That's no where near a dub where I'm from. That's a $5 nug. Prices vary depending on location and who you know, though.
  7. nah she wouldnt do that


    here's a picture of it broken up. enough for two small joints with e-z wider paper. that's how i usually figure what a dub is. usually breaks up to two joints or so, about 0.5 g in each
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  8. Well... I had a friend once who picked up a "dub" and he said the dealer weighed it out on his iPhone :rolleyes:

    "Dude it weighed out to 1.2 grams"

    "Yea no shit, its a fake app. He set the weight on the phone before you got in the car."

  9. Yeah, it looks fine man!

    Have fun smoking that brah!
  10. That's a joint to me. I know how small that container is I have one.
  11. The only way to tell is buy a scale and weigh it yourself, so if you have any doubts it will prove or disprove them.
  12. Buy a scale
  13. I honestly wouldn't worry about it either way..I mean it's just a gram
  14. a dub around my parts = 3.5 grams so that def looks short, to me

  15. Whoever made that app is an asshole.
  16. well that's true, but 20 bucks that could have been spent on gas, but it seems nice :smoke:
  17. That's a gram if I've ever seen it sir. I can tell its dense from the picture
  18. A dub is a gram... For me at least. I always thought it was a universal term for a gram every where. 1000th post BITCHHHHHHHHH
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    Yes, they can put the wrong weight when calibrating it, say ur scale has a 5g calibration option, and they put 4g on the scale and calibrate it. When you put 4g on the scale it will say 5g, but that should be a gram
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  20. Don't sweat it. When I bought weed for the first time ever it was at school. I was buying what I thought was an eighth, off course me being a noob I'd t know what it looked like. But I was paying $50 and all I got was a few little I said I didn't know what 1/8 looked like. Haha and even better I was looking at some old text and I was texting I think one of my old dealers and he asked me how much I needed so I said 2 and a half Gs then he asked me how much I had, so me being an idiot again told $50 I guess I spent $50 on 2 1/2 grams...can't remember haha. Oh well,'I'm smarter now and have everyone I buy from weigh it out in front of me

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