Can pee go bad?

Discussion in 'General' started by madhatrr, May 7, 2004.

  1. Ive got to pass a drug test to get a job, and sufficeit to say, I'm not gonna do that with my own piss. So, I had my brother who doesnt do drugs pee in an airtight container for me. However, I havent been given a date that I have to take the test on yet, my question is, can the pee go bad? Even if its in an airtight container? Should I be keeping it in the freezer, room temp, what? I know that ill have to return it to proper body temp for the test, i figured just leave it on the dashboard of my car the morning of, and that should take care of it. Thanks for the help.
  2. I don't know if it can go bad...but I would keep it in the freezer! No, I wouldn't...I would get your brother to piss in a new container the day of the test...or at least the day before... Oh, and what job are you tryin to get? (Just wondering)
  3. Pee can go bad, I left a cup of it in my room when I was to lazy to go the bathroom like 5 years ago and when I remembered it and went to throw it out it was pretty nasty looking/smelling

  4. too lazy to u pissed in a cup?!
  5. done it before. ......ya .....i pissed in a 2 liter...
  6. I used to be to lazy so I piss on the floor (not my house) then it smelled like urine in the room after a while so I got out of there
  7. HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! AHHH that's crazy....... just piss on the floor eh? wow, made my day feel a little better hearing that!!!!
  8. im sure it could go bad eventually, however my friend and i have both had someone piss for us...i used mine a couple months after it was first stored and passed and my friend used piss that was a year i think u will be good. the piss will smell really bad though...and depending on the testing the piss may have to be a certain temperature...piss in a cup and take the temperature and try to have the clean piss around the same temperature the day of the test. good luck.

  9. there is a specific degree-degree that it has to be around. very important!
  10. It will go bad especially if its not in the freezer. but like someone else said, have him piss in a condomand tie it like a balloon the day of or at least before the test.

    Keep the condom of piss in your pocket but make sure its not too full where its noticable.

    Also, like you said keeping it on your dash is the best way to go, you can throw a towel or shirt over it:) you dont want fellow drivers starin at a container of piss on your dash, and turn the heat on up there, if you need to just to be sure.

    By the time you take a physical and piss test it will still be around 96 to98 degrees which is perfect!
    Why pay for cleanser unless someone is watchn you piss(PO)
  11. Yeah, it can go bad. You need to freeze it and put asorbic acid in it so the metabolites won't be all fucked up. It's not really a good thing if it's been room temp for too long, though. I'd get a fresh batch if so.

    Good luck! :)
  12. ive pissed in bottles when i was too lazy/stoned to go down stairs. i only have one bathroom in my house so it sucks
  13. Ok, well, Ive gone in, and used the pee, which was about 5 days old or so at the time. I did get it to the correct temp, that was the first thing they checked, so thats fine. But yeah, its been taking a long time to get my test back, i took it last saturday and so its been almost a week now, and the results are supposed to be only a few days. Do you all think that 5 days was too long to let it go for? It was sealed in an airtight container at a constant temp if that makes any difference. Fuck, i figured theyd just be checking to see A: if it was pee, B:if it had traces of drugs. Whats all this metabolite business? Is that something they typically test for, to determine if its pee, how old it is, whats the deal? How long does it take for those to go bad? Im pretty darned screwed if i dont pass this, not because i wont get the shit ass job at Sonnys bbq, i dont care about that anyway, but because my parents would know that i didnt pass the drug test.
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  15. pee will be good for only a little while at room temp. You can keep it in the fridge for a few days with no problem but for more than like 3 days you should put it in the freezer.

    the way i went about it was synthetic urine i mixed with distilled water before the test and a device called the urinator which you can keep in your pants and it maintains the temp at 98 for 4 hours.

    Its a little expensive to get but it has bailed my ass out like 5 times now and that makes it worth the price
  16. ok, so from the sounds of it, the 5 day old pee is not going to work. ive already submitted it for testing though, and my prospective employer says he'll know on monday what the results are. now, my next question is, if it doesnt work, what exactly will the test say is wrong with it? will it turn up a false positive for something? will they say it was diluted? are they gonna think ive got some weird disease? or will they be able to know that it was old and thus not mine?
  17. i think unless they do a expensive test you will be fine unless it smelled real strong.

    They will do a dip stick test if it for a non governmental job. You should be fine....if it comes back questionable they will most likely just want to retest you unless your friend tests positive for something.

    good luck bro
  18. omg so what happened! im doing the same thing for outpatient drug program and get tested at home. i have clean pee and i just keep it in a water bottle at home. did your pee come out good er nah? :C waah i needa know
  19. People in this thread actually pissed in bottles in their own house because they were too lazy to walk to the bathroom.

  20. does a bear shit in the woods?

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