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can peanut butter cookies work?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by larryslalaland, May 24, 2010.

  1. A friend told me that if I make peanut butter cookies with pot that police dogs will miss it. Something about the process of cooking pot and the peanut butter. I said he was crazy. Anyone able to help with this bet?
  2. No, nothing works. They smell in layers. The only way to fool a drug dog is to have it in a air tight container, but it can't be in there too long or the smell will permeate because plastic is porous, like our skin for example so the smell will leak through over a few hours.

    Also, watch out for the marijuana dust. If you're serious about not getting busted with a dog, wear gloves.

    Go watch Barry Cooper's DVDs. I can only pull so much out of my memory. They're the best educational videos I ever dl'd.
  3. Right - they can actually pick out the scent of each individual ingredient in the cookie. Where we just smell peanut butter cookies, they can smell the eggs, the milk, the butter, etc.
  4. Maybe if you put the cookies in an air tight jar.
  5. The dogs will still smell it, but the handlers will think the dog only wants the cookie. You will most likely get away with it but just know you can not fool a drug dog only his handler.
  6. air tight or bust
  7. #7 phantomxrider, May 24, 2010
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    everybody here is wrong to a degree.
    true, a dog smells in layers, but not to the extent that they can smell the eggs, milk, etc. but they are trained to smell pot and they'll nail it.
    that said, a peanut butter cookie is not going to fool a highly disciplined search dog or an experienced officer.

    do you really think a peanut butter cookie will work?
    edit: why are you even worried? eat that shit if youre pulled over, it'll kick in by the time you were going to smoke anyways:smoke:

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