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can outdoor weed fuck u up?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by silvstonerskater, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. yeah so i buy from this guy who lives rather far from me hes one of my many conections . his shit varries hardcore he has  diffrent strains(  usally pretty decent if not very dank ones) and  has  diffrent  grows hes got  solid indoor  shitty indoorm deccent outdoor and shitty outdoor i  got the shitty outdoor a few times it wasnt great but because it was decent strains( mango kush,  juicey fruit kush, blueberry kush, og kush, northen lights and  sensu star) it got me a somewhat decent buzz  if smoked  in large amounts outta my pipe or bong. his indoor can be shit that makes me feel like i am on more then weed theres other indoor  which just blows and is actully worse then his shitty outdoor. anyways to the point he sold me an outdoor before that he called lemon haze that smelt really dank and look really potent lots of crystals and hairs i opened the bag up in the car with my dad je drove me to buy off him  and my dad coughed like a bitch just from the smell(he doesnt smoke  but he shouldnt have coughed like that just from the smell) this shit got taken away when i got to my group home cuz i stupidly left it in plan sight in my closet( its a semi indpendent living group home so staff dont search our shit or go in our rooms much) but a staff was helpin me fold my clothes and smelt it coming from my closet and took it away along with my pipe. i got the same pipe again and just today   i got the same shit again the lemon haze smells lemonly and dank lots of crystals looks the same  i never tried it last time and this time i am waiting to smoke after class tmr like i always due but i am wondering is it possible for outdoor to fuck u up and make u feel really messed  cuz  i have gotten some strong indoor (from him and my other guys) that makes me question whether its laced but i know its not cuz ppl wouldnt waste money and give u free drugs, i  dont belive in laceing but  as good as some of the outdoor  ( both from him and other guys)  can be and get me a decent high, its nothing crazy and i dont get one of those out of body trips which i love to get on friday  night i   have a lil more then a gram of it like a 1.3 and  am just gonna smoke a small amount after class like a .1 or .2 and then smoke the rest  this weekend so i will probally be able to tell if its top notch shit cuz if its meant to give me an out of body trip it will get me really light and psycedelic feeling off a .1 or .2 from my nice 40 dolla glass pipe but i cant wait 24 hours to know if its amazing shit and i aint smoking it  til then anyone one on here know if outdoor can be really potent top notch qulity weed  if its a strong strain( like this lemon haze i have) or grown really nice????!!!

  2. Yes outdoor weed can be just as dank as indoor. It all comes down to seed genetics and the growers experience. Some may argue that because of the weather, trichomes(THC) may "fly off" in to the wind or be washed away by rain making the buds less potent. This is complete non-sense because most of the trichomes are attached inside of the bud. I have a couple friends that grow as well as myself. I am not that experienced with indoor grows, but I can assure you my weed is just as potent as theirs. The only upper hand indoor grown weed has over outdoor is the fact that you can have multiple growing seasons per year. Where as most people live in places where there is only one outdoor growing season. Now talking about your weed specifically (Lemon Haze) it is a full sativa dominant plant. That generally means that it will have more of a "head high" or "euphoria" as some like to call it. Don't be mistaken if you think that because your body doesn't feel like a pile of bricks that it isn't less potent. Drying and curing also make a huge difference in how your weed tastes, smokes and feels. Hope it smokes nicely and you enjoy the ride!  :smoke:
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    I have grown and smoked sweet sticky high grade outdooor in my day.
  4. really sativa create a headhigh???!! i mustve been smoking some pretty shitty  sativa strains( and in proper grows like u talked bout) cuz i find with sativa i dont feel  much of a high  i just get really gigeuly and silly and unfocused but indica i get really ripped to the point i  dont know where i am but still somehow i am more focused then when i am sober also  i only smoke high grade indica whether its the strain being high grade or the grow  with sativa i kinda had back luck  getting better grade( strains and grow)  so  i really hope  i get my first real sativa exepreince tmr  and i can see how a sativa out of body feels when i smoke .5 outta my bong on friday  see how it feels as oposed to   the india  out of body i usally get but like i said if its qulity shit i will feel it even with a .1 or .2  from my glass pipe and ill be able to tell by how high i get  off it tmr  whetther or not ill have an out of body trip  on friday night so ill be able to tell my tmr if its qulity shit or not even tho ill have to  wait 4 days of no weed  from tmr to friday night in order to get the trip
  5. Whoa, I thought you were me.
  6. Wtf dude, use punctuations
  7. Yes outdoor can get you just as high as indoor weed bro. It all about how you  grow  it and soil the seeds.
    It's a pretty sweet avatar. You're the only other person I've seen with it.
  9. Yes, the stuff my guy gets me is outdoor grown, and its pretty good said and done, but I feel like there is a little room for improvement (there always is, right perfectionists?)
    i've had known outdoor stuff, few different types... usually pretty good, it really does come down to the genetics and skill/attentiveness of the grower... some would argue that because you can micromanage so many more details indoor, that outdoor can't be as good...but those people have clearly never grown in places like the Emerald Triangle...
    bottom line, though...if it smokes good, tastes good, and gets you high...who cares if its in or out, soil or hydro...i mean, besides the grower XD
  10. What the fuck did I just read

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