Can only tend to plants once a week?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by deernads88, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. I only looking to grow 1 plant for now. Indoors and in my closet(I have a decent amount of space). My biggest thing is that I live on campus and am only able to come home on the weekends. With that being said (only stating the obvious) I can only water, adjust lights, etc. During these times. Could it still be possible to grow under these conditions?
  2. I believe yes you can. But it will take slot of patience and planning
  3. How often does it need/should be watered?
  4. There's no real scale, just touch soil if its dry water simple really.

    Don't expect a perfect yield but i agree cannabis is tough and if your environment permits i think it can be done. never tried though one time i grew outdoors when i was 16 and would only visit the plant every ~4 days this was outside tho. Best of luck to you.

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  5. To variables to tell. Temps... soils...container...ventilation

    I water my plants 2X a week. But I think you could get by watering once a week.

    You could do this but you need to research slot and learn how this plant grows and reacts ...

    If you do something wrong on Sunday and don't catch it .. it could cause serious damage by time you know on Friday or whenever you see them

    And no Jimmy rigging your electrical ... if something shorts for some shit random reason you're going to cause a fire
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  6. I was thinking the same thing a fire would be devastating. Dont think it happends to you till it does ya kno? Be safe man thats a major thing to think about.

    Also do alot of research on soil some soil retains moisture alot better than others.

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  7. Do you have any recommendations on a soil type/brand.
  8. It can be done. You would be much better off setting up a self-irrigating planter than buying soil that retains a lot of moisture. Much better off in my opinion.

    I would get a bag of Happy Frog soil and mix it 2:1 with perlite. Bag of wormcastings and a bag of organic tomato nutes. If you grow organically you only have to "feed" your plants once a month.

    5 gallon fabric pot, and a deep round dish that is a little bigger than the pot. Fill the dish with a good 4-5" thick bed of perlite and place your fabric pot on top of that. Then you can fill up the perlite dish until the water level is just below the bottom of your pot. The perlite will wick up water through the bottom of the fabric pot as the soil dries out. This will easily last a week if you wet down your soil before filling the reservoir (your perlite dish).

    A lot of growers here use this method and can vouch for it's effectiveness, including myself. Also helps to put some mulch over the top of your soil to prevent evaporation, shredded newspaper is perfect for this (the ink is harmless).

    Here is one of mine on a bed of perlite. The more exposed perlite you have the more moisture you'll lose to evaporation so try to match your pot up with the saucer as close as possible, while still being able to pour water into it.

    And some others on beds of hydroton (perlite wicks better than hydroton, but it breaks down over the course of your grow and hydroton is reusable. I'd go through way too much perlite, it's fine for smaller grows though)

    HGjeYRs.jpg xinVuwo.jpg aUfa7Oo.jpg small2.jpg
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  9. I would think that the stretch is when you would see problems............Almost need to be there at least every 2 days to keep them out of the lights etc. I would always be wondering if my place was burning down. I hope this helps
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  10. Will almost defiantly run into issues, i agree will it even be worth the few oz's if u have no crib to toke @? Shit would b on the back of my mind all the time too, but i doubt that it would actually happen sometimes its not worth the risk. Maybe you should wait until you can be around more, this way you can make your grow budget even bigger because you have more time to save up and research. Just some things to give some thought, i bet it can be safely accomplished but are you prepared if it doesn't, that's all I'm saying.

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  11. For one plant, I personally couldn't justify the sacrifices you're considering.

    What you're talking about is sacrificing EVERY weekend to go home. Because if you even skip one weekend to go on a road trip or something, you just wasted all your time and effort.

    Despite the fact that it CAN be done, ask yourself: Is this really worth all your effort (at this time)? Because there is no doubt it is really worth all your effort. Growing this plant will teach you a lot, about a lot.

    I just would advise caution, and enter the hobby when you can dedicate the required amount of time and resources to it.

    Good luck if you decide to grow!

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