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can only smoke 2 weeks/month bc o probation!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by stonerchickMEL, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. I need some help.....I'm on probation and get off in April and get pissed every month so I can only smoke 2 weeks out of the month. Me and my boyfriend live together and he is ALWAYS smoking around me. I would NEVER ask him to stop but, it's seriously turning me into a total bitch when I cant smoke. I get drunk, but it's not the same.

    What is there I can do that will get me through???

  2. Listen to me.

    It is not worth it. If you smoke, you will most likely get caught, and then your probation will either be extended, or you'll get violated and get locked up.

    Get drunk, have more sex.

    It helps.
  3. I wouldn't risk it for even those two weeks if it were me, just hold out. Just apply yourself with a hobby and It'll be over before you know it. If it really bothers you to have your boyfriend smoke around it, maybe you can ask your boyfriend to be a little more discreet with it.
  4. when my girl isnt able to smoke i respect that and go outside and smoke on the patio or in the bathroom with the fan on. not to be an asshole or anything but he needs to support you in not smoking. its already differcult enough just not smoking and him smoking next 2 you dose not help any

    i just got done doing 1 yr paper in one county and 2 yrs in another for p.o.m. i got revoked in the 2 yr county. what sucked was that they filed the mrp 2 months before i was getting off, so i pretty much did everything. so they gave me 120 days. honestly after doing the jail time i learned if im going to still smoke while on probation i should have just done the jail time and gone on "vacation" for a month instead of:
    -not be able to smoke
    -always be paranoid and looking over my shoulder because if i get caught im fucked times 2
    -dont have to pay $75+ probation fees, 3 moths of treatment times $25 a week, $40 for drink to cleam my piss....need i say more?
    -dont have to deal with an uneducated pissant who is in a shitty job, knows that they are, and pretty much ruins everyones day because they hate there job

  5. Yeah, after I got arrested I've been back 3 more times. The last time I got tested was Sept. 6 and I passed. I'm just a mess if I don't have it. I cant eat, sleep and tend to shake really bad. My boyfriend says he will stop doing it right in front of me, but he never does. My next meeting is Nov 11. The only thing that gets it off my mind is work. I'm a machine operator in a factory and I have to be really attentive.

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