Can one use organics with rockwool or dwc or aero?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by al k mist, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Hey now
    Phaeton asked on another forum if organic would work with rockwool. I said I didnt know, but will it? Would it work for aero? This is all hypothetical, of course. But, other than pumps and misters getting clogged, is there anything to prevent microbes from inhabiting rockwool
    yes, i know its inert. But im just saying, can someone somehow ...
    this kid i picked up hitch-hiking, (grass shoes, where is u) mentioned passive hydroponics, using broken clay pots, etc, i assume any medium..but topwatering w organic solutions daily, i think, since he wasnt using pumps
    Could this be applied to rockwool, maybe using a flood and drain to waste(just saw that phrase in an aero thread, so im wondering bout aero too). Would the microbes inhabit the stuff from residual organic matter that would catch in the rockwool...
    this is just wondering out loud. or even hydro or aeroponics, with spring water only, using foliar for nutes.??????
    Thanks for any advice or input

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