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Can one plant be detected by helicopters?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by baphomat, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Hi guys - Been a while since I posted here,

    I'm taking the advice of many on here and thinking of growing my own - I just have a few questions before I start.

    - I live in the UK, London and occasionally helicopters do fly over to detect grow ops, I would like to know if you guys have an idea on whether they can fully detect a single plant being grown. It'd be grown in my bedroom if that makes any difference.

    - How strong is the smell? Of course it is relative to each plant but I mean in general. Would the scent be strong enough for people outside to smell it? Would it stink up the whole house?

    - On average, how much does a plant yield for a standard grower?

    Thanks guys
  2. No less than 5 plants in a 15 feet it will not be seen so spread them out
  3. Nah I highly doubt it. Like you said they use choppers for grow ops. So unless youre growing a lot I wouldn't be too worried.

    And check out the grow section there's probably guides or tips on settig up ventilation and fans to reduce smell

  4. O and yes one plant will stink the house and if it is four feet worth of stem at least a QP
  5. I've never grown, but I would assume that the IR signature generated from growing one plant wouldn't be substantial enough to arouse suspicion.
  6. #6 tonster0161, Nov 21, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 21, 2011 plant with adequate lighting shouldnt be detectable by helicopters.

    2.yes,one flowering plant will STINK up your house.ive herd that if you take no precautions with smell one plant can be smelt from pretty much anyone in shouting distance. many variables,but i wouldnt expect more than an ounce per plant unless your an experienced grower,or at least have a few harvests under your belt.

    growing is easy,but there is still alot of research that should be done before hand,its not something you should just jump right into.
  7. 1. for the amount you're growing it'll be fine.

    2. ever open up a bag and it smells up the house without smoking. imagine that fresh smell 24/7 after it hits flowering stage. Use carbon scrubbers and you'll be fine. Go with a box, cabinet or micro-grow. It's easier to manage than an open space.

    3. depends on the strain, lights, grow style and how long you let it grow. A LST/SOG/SCROG grow will yield different results.
  8. The helicopters use heat detectors? usually used for multiple plant grows, multiple plants = multiple lights, so just don't have 10 lights for that one plant ;)
    1 good light is all you need.

    and the best rule to not getting caught, tell NO ONE.
  9. The plants give off heat too. They find outdoor plants like that too.

    Tell no one is the golden rule.
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Loose lips sink ships
  11. Id say the top few posts have no clue what there talking about, not going to say which ones...

    This is the apprentice forum, go down to the growers section where people have a clue what they are talking about
  12. I got this from another site

    The police only can see rooms that appear hotter than others, caused my multiple lights. They cant see through your walls.

    to the guy that siad "The plants give off heat too."

    SERIOUSLY? how much heat do you think a plant gives off? your body puts off probly one hundred times more heat than a plant.

    Its the lights that heat the room, Then growers that vent their air straight outside without cooling it that gets them caught. Police look for unusual heat sources within a structure

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  13. I highly doubt they would be able to detect a few plants i had 1 plant outside earlier this year and at like 12 at night the helicopter with the infrared stuff flew right over it and it just kept going so you are more than likely going to be alright.
  14. use a searchlight to blind the helicopters infrared equipment

    trust me itll work, im a doctor/physcist/chemist/botanist/space cowboy

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