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Can one lower tolerance by moderation?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by madroxinide, May 21, 2010.

  1. Can you lower your tolerance if you just force yourself to smoke less than you normally would each day?
  2. Stop smoking in general for more than about 2 weeks, but it depends what tolerance you want to stop, do you want to get higher of less bud?
  3. stop smoking for like a month, them light a blunt and see what happens :D
    Trust me its worth it.
  4. Well I have a vaporizor, so even though my tolerance is higher than it was before, conservation isn't a key issue. I'm just wondering if I moderated my intake, would my tolerance slowly reverse?
  5. Just take a week or 2 t-break. its well worth it.
  6. Id imagine so, its like weening yourself off of opiates. Yes i would slowly reverse

  7. Yes, it will. I'm one of the lucky few who doesn't really build one and can get blasted off one giant hit but a lot of people I know do this to refrain from taking a t-break. All you're doing is smoking less than your used to; the lower the intake the lower the tolerance.
  8. Well from what I've noticed, it doesn't take more to get me fried, however it does wear off sooner, so I'm hoping to fix that.

  9. What you could do is just limit how many times you smoke a day. Idk about you, but I go to school so what I typically do during the week is just smoke before bed and then do whatever on the weekends. Its a good way to balance it out and I think this is probably why I don't gain a tolerance.

  10. Smoke in 30 min intervals?
  11. Yeh usually when I'm vaping its between 9PM and 3AM (i'm a night owl) while i'm playin video games. So its not that bad.

  12. Controll = no tolerance.
    Never taken a t break in my life and I smoke everyday. If your always looking to get fucked up then you will get a tolerance. But if you controll your habits then you'll always get stoned

  13. I've also found what this guy said, keep the amounts you smoke the same all the time maybe it will help keep your tolerance in control.. everyones different though, so i'd just suggest taking a break then controlling your intake to equal amounts see if it helps keep it down.
  14. definitely simply cutting back will help your tolerance. if you can't bring yourself to take a full break(I'd completely understand this), then simply limit your smoking to 4 days a week for a month or so and you'll definitely get noticeably more baked each time you smoke. it's also a nice balance, which is something that's important in life

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