can mylar exaggerate light leaks/hermie

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  1. Always had a theory that using mylar and having minuscule light leaks during flower will exaggerate and spread the leaked light and have a tendency for hermied plants/larger areas of hermie on the plants. What do you think?

    fact-mylar does an excellent job at spreading light/reflecting even the smallest source of light
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    i use mylar and havent had any troubles with hermies, but im pretty certain i dont have any light leaks either.

    any hermie troubles i had in the past (knock on wood) were related to stress and/or light leaks. seems mylar would only intensify the effect.

    good question, sorry you didnt get more replies. at least your not 63 and 1 any more:)
  4. my thoery is if youre that worried about it, get rid of the nylar, or get rid of the light leak.

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