Can my school do this, and how?

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  1. They are a public high school, and they registered me in their school without telling me, I didn't sign any forms, pay any fees, pick a locker, get a photo taken, or anything that you're suppose to do when you go back to high school. My classes were even picked out for me too. :confused:

    I got a call 2 weeks into the school year asking why I'm not in my classes and If I'm going to attend them or not which was when I said I never registered, then the secretary says something about "seeing me" on registration day, when all I did was ask for the registration forms that weren't mailed to me and was then denied the forms and told to make an appointment with the VP if I want to comeback, saying that is the reason that I was registered, because they saw me. I said I will make the appointment in 2 months since I'm already in school and will go back for the second semester.

    I got suspended a year ago for something I didn't do so I left those idiots when they found out I didn't do it and am in a different school, and they registered me into theirs while I'm in a different school. How the fuck did they do this? I thought public schools were bureaucratic as fuck and you couldn't "accidentally" register a student.

    *Keep in mind this school hates me because I refused them a search when they were suspending me, I told them to call the police and they can search me but I won't let people who don't know how to do a proper weapons search to abuse their authority, so the 3 police officers who came got really pissed at the administration for wasting there time. Theres some details I can't go into but this is the gist of it.
  2. but if you were registered last year, and they saw you this year they probably just put last years info in but im not thinkin they can do that without you actually there... and +rep for the refusing search lol i wish i could do that at my school but we have a school pig who does but he never catches me lol:smoke:

  3. The thing is I'm in different courses than I took last year, I didn't think they can just copy and paste my infor, enroll me in new courses, and pretend like I signed all the permission slips just from the sight of me in their school.

    Thanks for the plus rep :D , Over the past few years I really learned how to talk to administration, not for them to like me, but for them to not take advantage of me, manipulate me, or fuck around. I knew if I denied a search they would threaten me with police so I was just like "No, if you want to search me then call the police, they can search me."
  4. I'm surprised the school did not search you. You actually do not have any rights against unlawful searches when you belong to a public school.

  5. I know but they couldn't force searching me and I know I have to let them search me, but they don't know how to search, they wanted to do a drug search (shoes, socks, shirt, crotch, jacket, bag, locker) so I was like fuck that, even though I didn't have anything on me I'm not gonna be degraded like that so I was like no call the police. I got a pat down, ankles and wist checked, my jacket patted down and my bag searched. Thats how its properly done. I was drinking a nice cold Dr. Pepper that I had in my jacket while getting searched, that pissed off the principal A LOT from that. :p
  6. +rep for sticking it to them, I know exactly what you mean. The way they search you is completely violating. Rather put up a fight and ask that a trained Officer does it, instead of a dean/campus monitor.
  7. This, being on their property gives them like ultimate power over you. i've been searched before for skipping when i wasnt because during lunch a fight was starting and i was there lol:smoke:

  8. Haha what were they trying to find, a fist?
  9. Are you trying to say they registered you out of spite??

    In any case, Public Schools are funded both at the State level and the Federal level. This is done on a "per-student" basis, along with other criteria.

    Do the math!
  10. OP, to be honest with you, it sounds like you got suspended from School "A" and voluntarily chose not to go back, and instead attend School "B" without notifying School "A" of your intentions. Therefore, I have a feeling you were not "registered", but simply "re-registered", as a returning student.

    Now, as to why they are continuing to treat you like shit about it is basically unprofessional, but obviously there is history there, and unfortunately school administrations can seem to hold a grudge in situations like this, which I have no fucking idea why any sane person would honestly do this.

    I would approach a teaching job like I would working in a jail or a hospital. You don't take certain aspects of your job home with you. It'll just eventually drive you insane.

  11. man i dont even know the guy who called me out had caught me high like a month before and was pissed because he couldnt find budd.
    i've managed to keep from being caught like... 4 times now each time the weed was in my pocket in the shorts under my pants. lol

    And @ OP im on the same level at the moment with bullshit schools i stopped going to as of 420 last year making me come back i almost got in a fight with the principle yesterday and am currently suspended until monday lol

  12. I let my board of education and the high school no exactly what my intentions were though and I was unregistered out of their school but the principal kept saying she "owned me" to me and my mom... I didn't know what to say really.
  13. oh man she owned you? you better gtfo before you end up tied down in a closet lolol

  14. I'm not saying they did this out of spite, I'm wondering where in the process they can override all of the registration procedures and enroll a student without there consent.

    What math am I suppose to be doing? Students who went the year before still have to re-register themselves, I just don't get it.
  15. Is anyone else getting an under 18 vibe here?

  16. Probably but who cares? im not under 18 im just an idiot 20 year old lol
  17. As a junior moderator and forum guide, I care. As do the other moderators.

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  18. mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn killing my high and shit. alright man my Bad
  19. buzzkill indeed

  20. No.

    Back on topic, thats weird that the school did that. Whats even weirder is how the principal said she owned you? :S lmao

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