Can my neighbors smell if I smoke out the window?

Discussion in 'General' started by bajabajaboo, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. I live on a street where all the houses are fairly close together, I would call it typical. My window is facing one of my neighbors houses which is only a few feet away from mine, if I just take one big hit and blow out the window do you think they or anyone could smell it?
  2. Of course they could. You must be under 18 and afraid of your parents smelling it. They'll smell it too on a windy day it could blow right back in the house. I'd say just keep smoking weed as an occasional (don't keep it at the house) thing till you have your own place to smoke. Do good in school, get a job, blah blah blah
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  3. That would depend entirely on the wind currents.
    Why not find an outside spot or walk your dog?

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  4. It depends. Is your neighbor's window open when you're blowing smoke at it? Are they outside? Close the window when you smoke and they'll be much less likely to smell it or you could use a vape and no worries.
  5. I wouldnt' smoke if they were outside or had their window open, but it is winter so there is typically more wind! what vape would you suggest?
  6. If your neighbors are not outside or have their window open they won't smell it. I can't give you a vape rec because although I have several I don't like them. I do like those first few vape pulls off a freshly loaded bowl because the flavor is off the charts. Here's the link to the vape forum. Vaporizers
  7. Yes. Your neighbors can smell it.
  8. I'd try and stick with edibles until you get your own place.
  9. Ask them not us
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  10. Depends how close they live. I live in an apartment complex and anytime my neighbors go out and smoke, I can smell it lmao

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  11. if its as cold where ever the fuck you at.... then NO!!
    Its march and it snowed today.
    everyone has the damn windows shut!
  12. i say wind is always good. even during summer. it helps break up the smell. it makes the smell of smoking go away so nobody know where the "odor " is coming from.
    anyone else agree or disagree?
  13. i should have mentioned it is winter!! not insanely low temperatures but like -3 to 3 degrees right now..

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