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Can my neighbors call the cops if i smoke in the backyard?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Katsquest, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Yes they can but so sorry for them, i called the cops myself and let them know this is where i smoke and they said," As long as im on my own property and not in public, so yes i can smoke in my backyard and the neighbors can go umm have a great life"
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  2. Yeah most of the times cops won't give a shit about a call about someone smoking weed... doesn't matter if it's at a public park or private property most of the time they aren't wasting there time... Of course that's going to be dependent on the state and cop too.

    Grow journal
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  3. They can call the cops but that doesnt mean the cops will do anything I live in the UK where weed isn't legal, I've had police roll up on my friends drive when I was smoking a joint we just told em to get off the property unless they had search warrant lol as long as its private property you should be fine
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  4. Are you in California? If so, your neighbors can call the cops but the cops will inform them that you aren't breaking any laws.

    As of January 2017, you can smoke weed recreationally in California. 21 and over.
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    Use incense to mask the smell. Hold an incense stick close to yourself so that the smoke from the incense stick blows in the same general direction as the smoke from the weed. Use a nice thick piece of incense so there is enough smoke. Blow your ganja smoke onto the end part of the incense stick.
    Use multiple incense sticks and stick them into the ground or wall or whatever around the area where you smoke or right next to your neighbors house. Create an incense perimeter around u. Weed and incense smells like fancy incense.

    Remember smoking a joint releases smoke continuously from end of the joint even when you are not taking a pull on the spliff.
    Alternatively a little honey on the spliff and let it dry masks the smell some as well.
    Good luck out there ganja soldier. Be all you can be homie
    Using a sploof would also help with scent of the exhaled smoke. The smoke off the end of the joint should mix with all the incense smoke. Use as much as needed. Calibrate your nose homie
    Oh and have a cigar or cigarette lit and in circulation so if the five-0 show up u just hand off the weed to someone that can eat or dispose of it easily...walk toward the police car A BIT with the cigar smoking in yo mouth and a pack of incense with A HINDU GOD on the pack in your hand. Signal to them with yo hands if they need any assistance. If they call u toward them just TURN toward yo homies and say some bull shit and point to the police car in a VERY FRIENDLY WAY. If you talk to the officer be BERY RESPECTFUL AND CALL HIM 'SIR'...GOOD EVENING SIR IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN ASSIST YOU THIS EVENING? calmly walk over SMOKING the cigar.
    It's best I've found to smoke on a corner where 2 long roads meet...that way you can see them coming from far off and toss or hide the weed and light up a cigarette or beedie stick as they are still driving down the road to come get you/meet you/drive in your direction ...stand on the corner and keep looking down them 2 roads for any vehicles...I know some of us have to worry about undercover police as well but hey that's the best I got...a lonely road or smoking at night when road is clear works as well. If they can't identify you from far enough you can do this during the day in HEAVY STAND STILL TRAFFIC if it is in both directions...
    Make sure yo clothes smell like incense and tobacco yo eyes ain't red. The tobacco should mask the weed smell some.

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    U can also hotbox in your car with a cigarette lit too. A few minutes prior to exiting vehicle light the incense...chew gum, use eye drops, use axe spray, chill for a few then exit car. The next time u use the car if the scent is still there roll down all windows and drive quickly for some time to get the scent out of the fabric on the car's interior. The wind rushing through the windows will beat the scent out of the seats and fabric. Use a fresh car scent air refresher...
    On the freeway or highway or long traficless stretch of road is fine...of course be aware of hot spots...maybe a police scanner thingy to detect when a they (five-0) are near...if it is legal in your hood...AND ALWAYS KEEP FABREEZE FABRIC FRESHNER JUST TO BE SAFE...
    I'm not totally up to date anymore on certain technologies so forgive me if anything is re-hashed...

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  7. Especially if you're in a rec state..
  8. I am trying but cant use some of my emoji is there a way i can get aroubd this people?

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