Can my manager evict me for this?

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  1. So basically we live in a Townhome complex in Texas and got a notice for us to evict.
    Supposedly its (AH) Affordable Housing, and when we moved in there was no problem.
    Now, it was time to renew the lease and my manager is refusing to renew the lease because she claims that I now make too much and should never have even been living here to begin with.....does this sound right? ...and even if I do make too much, after a raise and to begin with ...wouldn't it be their fault that this was overlooked? I did my part and have been living here for a few years without conflict....
    Note- I had previously had some difficulties with said manager regarding certain issues and had to get the corporate office involved...and this was recent, so I am sure that this is some sort of unjust retaliation for my complaining under just circumstances.
    So can she do this and does any of this sound right? any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Check your lease, and the restrictions for low-income housing in your area.

    If you do make more than what the low-income housing restrictions allow, then they might be required to evict you.
  3. I lived in affordable housing and if i made to much they would not renew my lease. Even if it was their mistake to allow you to move in when you made to much I see no reason why they wouldn't be able to evict you after you current lease ends. It's a crappy situation even if she is doing it to retaliate. You should be happy you were able to live in affordable housing while you made more than the threshold.

    Hope things work out for you

    P.S. I would do what the above poster said and check your lease/ renters agreement.
  4. i would look for a second opinion, perhaps a professional opinion?

    personally i have no idea what to do in your situation.

  5. Thanks for the responses....

    anyone else got anything??
  6. You're not really getting evicted right, the manager just wont renewe your lease.

    I know it's about the same, but if your lease is up, they basically can deny you another lease for whatever reason they want.

    My one friend lived in this apartment for years, then one day his lease was up, thought it would be simple to sign another contract. The manager/owner had a different plan. was turning the apartments into luxury condos. My friend couldn't do anything about it, had to move out.

    If you're lease wasn't up, if your manager was trying to break your lease. Then I'd say you had a fighting chance. But your lease is up, it's up to them if they want to keep you as a renter or not. and like some one else mentioned, it's all in your lease agreement... some leases have lots of different loopholes/stipulations on what make or may not break your lease agreement.

    If your manager is saying its affordable housing, have you considered contacting the department of housing and see what they say? They might be able to help you out, or be a little more sympathetic than your manager is being.
  7. It does sound right. It seems they could'vethrown fraud in there too. Because any government assistance programs want notification of any change in income. That's the way it's in my state anyways. But people don't always abide by rules..
  8. I found this under my state property you think It could help???

    what I had complained about to a higher authority prior was an AC repair that was taking over a week for them to even come look at...
    A month later and this is Im sure its retaliation...


    Sec. 92.331. RETALIATION BY LANDLORD. (a) A landlord may not retaliate against a tenant by taking an action described by Subsection (b) because the tenant:
    (1) in good faith exercises or attempts to exercise against a landlord a right or remedy granted to the tenant by lease, municipal ordinance, or federal or state statute;
    (2) gives a landlord a notice to repair or exercise a remedy under this chapter; or
    (3) complains to a governmental entity responsible for enforcing building or housing codes, a public utility, or a civic or nonprofit agency, and the tenant:
    (A) claims a building or housing code violation or utility problem; and
    (B) believes in good faith that the complaint is valid and that the violation or problem occurred.
    (b) A landlord may not, within six months after the date of the tenant's action under Subsection (a), retaliate against the tenant by:
    (1) filing an eviction proceeding, except for the grounds stated by Section 92.332;
    (2) depriving the tenant of the use of the premises, except for reasons authorized by law;
    (3) decreasing services to the tenant;
    (4) increasing the tenant's rent or terminating the tenant's lease; or
    (5) engaging, in bad faith, in a course of conduct that materially interferes with the tenant's rights under the tenant's lease.
  9. big dick across the whole building, fire extinguisher style 1 week after u move out

  10. I think the way our contract is set up is month to month. not sure if that san official I dont know if that could effect anything...
  11. I imagine the laws regarding retaliation would only matter if you are not actually being evicted for making more money than their restrictions allow.

    Have you looked that up yet and figured out whether you're making too much or not?

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