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Can my dog sense when im high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MotaManiac, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. it seems like everytime after i toke, my dog just starts barking at nothing. is it possible that animals have a sense of smell determining how sober someone is? :smoking:
  2. your dog is probably barking because he/she smells smoke
  3. Yeah my dog and cat will both wake up/come out and just stare at me. I love getting super baked then talking to my animals and playin' with em!!
  4. Actually, ya dogs have this like sixth sense when it comes to this kinda shit. My friends pit started growling and like glaring at us once when we walked in the house after blazing, it scared the shit outta us cuz she has never done that before. :eek:
  5. I wouldn't doubt if dogs have a sixth sense and they could tell when we are high.

    When ever I'm high around my dog he always pretends not to hear me...that little shit.
  6. yeah i've had some weird experiences with my dog and smokin weed. he just stares at us, like he's freaked the fuck out (we didn't blow smoke or anything on him or anything). somehow hejust knows when im stoned. if i pet him he just kinda sits there looking like "WTF IS THIS KID DOIN? he really pettin me right now?!"

    weird shit guys.
  7. maybe you guys were all just high...

  8. lol that came out wrong.. maybe your being high was making u think your pets were doing all the wierd stuff
  9. hmm michaael jackson
  10. My one buddy has a 16 yr old dog who have really bad arthritis and slept all day but when we got there with weed she would get up and lay down next to my and beg to get high lol
    oh and my dog just doesnt like shady people she chased 1 sketchy dude up the stairs snapping at him...... nices dog on the planet though
  11. Haha when I get high my cat just stops anything he's doing and stares at me like "what...the....fuck". I always think of him as observing me like he is a scientist observing a high patient in a marijuana trial. "Hmm, seems to be walking around like a jackass and visiting the fridge every few minutes." LOL
  12. I don't think your dog has to sense anything, I mean if he can find a cheeze-it in the corner of the room underneath the bed then you can be damn sure he's going to smell those bong loads you took in the garage.:D
  13. I think so. Whenever I drop acid, my dog acts so weird.
  14. would it happen to go anything like this?
    [ame=]YouTube - "Dog"[/ame]
  15. It depends on what kind of mood you are in (your mindset). I've had animals come up to me when I was having a really bad day. Deer, Cats, birds, squirrels, and people's dogs. Its like they can tell you hurt, or they can tell that they are going to be safe.
  16. my cat knows when im bent, It takes adavantage of me, walks all over me when im laying down on the couch, and sits in wierd places, like on my chest or neck.

    it doesnt act like it when im straight in the mornings, so i deffiently think it can "sense it"
  17. hell ya my puppy burns with me all the time, everytime i spark a toke he gives me a look
  18. Yeah, one of my cats loves to be around me whe im high.

    Maybe since weed and catnip are related they like the smell?
  19. same story here too dude, I had been house sitting a friends dog and my two buds and i got real roasted on a burn cruise, and I had to stop by and let the dog out and feed him. My buds wanted to come see the dog and I said fine because he's never even barked and is great around new people. As soon as the dog saw my two buds it started foaming at the mouth and chasing them, barking furiously!

    i know dogs have a heightened smell, about 120times stronger than us humans i think, but I always wondered why it made the dog go fucking ape shit
  20. i absolute believe it.

    i actually sometimes think my dog can get high off the smoke in the room, like they are more sensitive to the smoke than humans.

    i always thought my dog was high after i smoked, even she wasn't very exposed to the smoke. either that or she knew i was stoned. she was always very cool and chill when i was high.

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