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can my boss ask for a pee test?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by shelselovering, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. (asking for a friend) I'm a regular smoker but when it comes to my job I am VERY professional I have never smoked prior to going to work but a few weeks ago my boss said she smelt marijuana on me and I know for a fact there was no was 100% that she couldn't have (I changed my clothes and flat ironed my hair and hadn't smoke at least 2hrs before she confronted me) so my question is can she ask for a drug test? thanks

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  2. Yes. An employer may have you tested at any time for pretty much any reason.
  3. most likely
  4. couple weeks ago? i wouldnt worry about it. she was probably just being cool an letting you know not to smell like bud at work if she really did smell it.
  5. remember this, somebody has to PAY for a drug test...
    if you were tested before hire, and there isn't an issue with work performance or attitude, I wouldn't worry...
    if you weren't tested before hire, and there isn't an issue with performance, I wouldn't worry but I would start feeling out personal opinions from coworkers regarding ganja.
    if your place of employment is a small independent business with no federal testing stipulations (securities, transportation, etc), they don't want to PAY for a drug test for EVERY person they hire that may not be around next fact, if the job has a modest turnover rate and no federal testing reqs, and is a independent franchise for a chain, or independent business, you probably would only get tested in the event of an accident...
  6. Alexia pretty much summed it up. Small businesses usually don't test people unless there's an accident because, as she pointed out, they're not cheap.
    Larger businesses often times get subsidies from the federal government to maintain strict anti drug policies, smaller businesses not so much

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